I miss my girl

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Sadly, I lost my first boxer puppy two days ago after she was hit by a car. It crushed her back and I had no choice but to put her down. Whoever hit her drove off and left her helpless in a neighbor's yard. Luckily, my neighbor heard the other dogs barking and came out to see what was going on.

I was an hour away at a meeting when I got the phonecall... the vet said he would wait so I could get back to be with her. I cried the whole way back. I'll never forget walking into the room and seeing her on the table, covered in blankets, and shaking and dazed from all of the pain medication. The vet said that she probably wouldn't recognize me... but I'd like to think she knew I was there at the end.

I never imagined that I would hurt this much! She was such a sweet, sweet girl. She was perfect!

I found this site last summer before I got Killian and figured I'd return to somehow find some sort of peace... I keep telling myself she's no longer in pain and I know putting her down was the best thing to do - but it was so darn hard!


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I am so sorry. Your girl is safe now in a place running through fields chasing butterflies where cars can no longer hurt her.
how tragic! I am so sorry for you....just know that she is in a better place and free of pain. I wish I had the magic words to take away your pain, I am sorry.


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She knew you were with her. I am so sorry no one should loose a loved one that way. Time will help you to remember all the good times. God speed sweet girl(((((((((Hugs))))))))))) to you in your time of sorrow!!1


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I am so sorry you lost your baby girl. I am sitting here and crying... You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Godbye sweet baby Killian.


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oh.... i am so very sorry for your loss, your baby girl knew you were there with her. know that so many people are here for you. the pain must be terrible but in time i hope you find peace, sending you big hugs and you are in my thoughts, kate. morrissey's mommy.

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love you so much x x

Julie P.

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I am so very sorry for your loss of such a sweet little friend. I know how hard it is and also know that it is one of the most painful experiences to have to go through. Please know my thoughts are with you. I know she knew you were with her at the end; please always believe that it is so.
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