I lost my job today!

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Lisa M

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good luck

I hope everything works out. I've noticed in my life that certain things that seem to be not going my way ... later turn out to have been the best thing that could have happened after all. The wisdom of the universe!

Good luck!!!


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I am self employed and glad of it right now. I have been going to school for years it seems like and almost am finished, my degree? Hospitality management and Tourism. In Florida you were always needed but not anymore. Now I am so glad I still have my business. I just wanted retirement and two weeks vacation, sick pay, etc. You never know what this could bring. A friend got his hours cut back last week and was so upset but think he is going to get another job with a raise of about five more dollars an hour. Will be hoping the best for you.


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I also got laid off two weeks ago and have been searching for a job. The market is pretty tough right now but I hope it passes sometime soon. Right now I am enjoying staying at home and am doing some major cleaning and painted some rooms. I am almost done and wonder what I am going to do next if I don't find a job. My husband looked at the bright side and said maybe someone is trying to tell us that we need to start a family. So if a job comes along I will jump on it and if not soon then maybe I will be a stay at home mom!
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