I just joined today- Here is Stella!

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Stella Luna

Boxer Pal
Stella is a 1 year old brindle. She is the biggest baby and loves chewing things up. My husband and I constntly laugh at her behavior. She is such a clown. We would like a companion for her- maybe a white female. Is it that much harder with two dogs than with one?

Julie P.

Completely Boxer Crazy
Welcome to you from Oregon.

I just looked at your pictures... Stella is so cute. Welcome to Boxer World!


Boxer Pal
I have two and they are best of buds!

Even though Alexandria is a Boxer and Buster is a Cocker (and about 11 years older) they are best friends. I won't tell you that you will have twice the work, but they will occupy each other which helps when you want to do something.


Boxer Insane
Stella is just a doll! She has such a serious look on her face, beauty & brains too! Give Miss Stella a big kiss from me!

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