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I know, I know, big whoopee doo, we all drive everyday. Now, now, most of you know I had a Cornea Transplant 12 days ago. It has been awful being grounded, I had to wait for my hubby to take me everywhere. Poor guy, he has been so wonderful, working 2 jobs, and also throwing my paper route while I have been laid up. Anyways I have been a little timid about getting behind the wheel, but wouldn't you know it, I had to go and start driving on the busiest shopping day of the year. My son woke up very sick this morning, and I was the only one avaiable to take him to the doctors, he has strep. It is amazing how mommy instinct can put all your fears aside. I still can't see worth a damn, but somehow I got us through it. thanks for listening, I am so thrilled to be feeling better.


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Way to go JoAnn!!! Isn't it great to gain back some of your independence. Your right the motherly part of a person can get you through anything.


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