I don't want to wear them!

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We had a beautiful day after some cold and cloudy ones, so as some of you may have realized by now, that means Arabella and I go for ride with the top down. Normally she isn't thrilled with her goggles, but she tolerates them. Today she wasn't even tolerating them. The result had me laughing at her. I hope you have the same reaction. :LOL:



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Yes Pam, it had me laughing too. :LOL: I had to show hubby b/c he wanted to know what I was laughing at! Arabella is quite a character. Thanks for sharing.


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LOL! Not only are the goggles askew, but the look on her face!! Clearly has no intention of participating fully!! Thanks for the chuckle.


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Thanks for the laugh! :)

Arabella you are a silly girl. You need to wear your goggles to protect your eyes, so listen your Mom.


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Oh Arabella what a beautiful face ..even if it is a grumpy one with goggles askew.
Ah well Princess by name Princess by nature ,its my way or the highway ..ha ha !!
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