I can't wait to go to slepp!

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Betty's mom

I am having one of those days!

First we sleep late and I don't get into work until 9:30am. Then I remember that I had made lunch plans with a friend and also made plans with another to go to gym at lunch time. Both friends I have had to cancel on in the past and they are getting annoyed with me. So I had to go with the one that is the most mad. At least for now. So no work out and so-so food.
Then my husband comes over to my office - we work at the same place - and tells me there is a stain on his shirt and it's brand new! I must have bought it with the stain on and didn't notice. GREAT now we'll have to get rid of it if it won't come clean.
THEN I have to go to the dentist and luckily I got a clean bill of health with the exception that I floss everyday because I have s small spot inbetween my two back molars that looks like it could become a cavity.
This is all before 2pm.

And then to add insult to injury, I got really sunburned yesterday working in our yard. It's the begining of April and I have red legs, red arms and a red neck. I look like a freak!

So, I am leaving early to go home to Betty and get some good Boxer lovin'!!

Wish me luck!


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Good luck!

It reminds me a story that happened several years ago about a guy who was riding a bicycle on Sunday in a park near Paris. A monkey that has just escaped from the zoo crashed into him. He (=the guy, the monkey ran away) was injuried and had to go to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, the ambulance had a accident with a bus, he got injuried a second time. Finally, at the hospital he had a blood transfer and he caught AIDS.

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