I can't believe three weeks have passed!!!!!!! ahhhhh

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The fur babies are doing well. Getting along wonderful :

http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r316/hotsauce82/Fur baby/Bentley Bella/MG_20140526_220309192.jpg

Every body here is good I can't believe the last three weeks of my life flew by in a blur!!! I've missed BW!!!!! my sister had a baby, so I have a new nephew, my grandmother passed away also....so we have had death and life within a very short period of time , which has led to a very shaken up set of events. Not to mention we are in the process of buying a house which is a draining looooong process in of itself!!! But time has left me!!!! But I wanted to check in and make sure everybody was doing OK and let everybody know we are OK as well and have missed our BW !!!!!

We have seen new things in Bentley everyday. He is a wonderful boy who just goes with the flow and loves to be in our laps... Yeah....LOL and he's up to 64 pounds now...yaaaaaaaà!!!! I transitioned him onto regular food and so far he has not had any bouts of pancreatitis! I hope it was just that one time thing so I guess time will tell but as of right now he's doing great!

Arabella is her usual self :) naughty as ever. But she has chilled out with pestering Bentley non stop. LOL she used to stay in his face constantly and would never let him rest but now they have found a groove and they play And rough house but Arabella will leave well enough alone now when playtime is over! LOL but I have determined she will always be spunky. LOL. Walks are a must for her if anybody wants peace in the evening...hahaha.... Both dogs took off the other day through a door the kids left open. And we currently live in a subdivision so thankfully they stayed in the neighborhood ...they found our neighbors dogs....and Arabella freaked out and ran back towards daddy...Bentley on the other hand was none the more happy to have found friends and bouncing around their backyard with their poodle!!!!! (I'm just saying.....the Poodle was just groomed....it must really stink to be a male poodle. Nothing manly about that! LOL) but thankfully everybody was rounded back up and taken home but didn't seem a bit remorseful for their adventure!

So all is well and I'm glad to see everybody is still doing OK as well!!! Hopefully I won't be MIA as long this time!!!!


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It is a busy time of year. I don't get on BW as much as I would like right now either. We are going on vacation in a week and then moving halfway across the country two weeks after that. I should be packing for one or the other right now. I think I may start doing some touch up painting today instead.

Good luck with buying the house. House sales rarely go off without some sort of hitch. Just take a deep breath and move on to correct it. In the end when you get in and unpack your favorite bedding and climb into bed after a day of unpacking it will be worth it.


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I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother ,but its lovely to have a new baby in the family ..
Something quite similar happen to us over Easter..Got a txt msg Easter Monday morning to say my Brother in law became a Grandfather with a beautiful photo of the baby and that night my Sister in laws Husband died suddenly .

WOW Arabella has grown (( where did the little puppy go that was sitting in the shopping cart no so long ago )) and Bentley looks so healthy and well cared for.
Good luck with the new house ,looks like your not going to have much spare time on your hands .


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What a wonderful couple of boxers you have there. :)

I haven't been on BW much lately either! It is a busy time of year. I'm still working on getting my garden in, but the mosquitoes are so bad I can only take a few hours a day out there before I'm chased back inside.

Kisaq has been frustrated on his walks because he's getting eaten alive by the skeeters too.

Sometimes I wonder why I live in Alaska... LOL.

So ... did the kids learn to shut the door after that episode? LOL. That kind of thing can be scarey as heck. Glad it worked out ok.

One of Kisaq's favorite friends is a Standard Poodle. He loves playing with that guy. I think they have compatible intelligence levels.
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