I am so excited! :D

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Jazz went through her puppy obedience class before Christmas at PetSmart. And graduated! (I had to bribe the trainer) :LOL:
I wanted to put her through an advance class with the same trainer. Anyway I called the trainer yesterday and she said she is leaving Petsmart. And moving over to a place called Pet Planet. (which is 10 min from my house) She said she will be doing an obedience class there. She said which is so much better-because we have a huge room with no interuptions with people shopping etc. After class she said we can also let them loose to run and play. I was so excited. Then she tells me that they have "Doggie Daycare" there too. She will be in charge of the daycare. I have looked around here for a daycare and could not find ANY! Well, it's perfect I am going to take her there (it's on my way to work) at least 1 or twice a week. (To give her some rest from her crate). I also have been checking around for agility classes-that I wanted to sign her up for. And Phyllis (trainer) tells me that they just ordered all the equipment and will start classes the end of Feb! I AM SO EXCITED! All this under 1 roof! With someone who loves and knows Jazz! PERFECT! I am going by there today to meet with her and check out the place. And will probably take Jazz tomorrow morning and drop her off at daycare! (How FUN!) She will love it! (Maybe as much as me) :(


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Wow! How nice for you. That sounds great. I'm sure Jazz will LOVE it. (BTW, Jazz and my brother were born on the same day.)

I'm curious about doggie daycare. Please keep me posted on this and tell us what they do, how it is set up, how many dogs, etc. Now that I have time on my hands, and people here are asking me to walk their dogs, I might be interested in perhaps starting up a doggie daycare place in my neighborhood. It certainly is something that is needed here. So, I'm interested in finding out more about it. I don't know of any daycare places in NYC for dogs. There may be some, but I've not found any yet or heard about any.


Thanks. And, good luck at the new class and daycare. Sounds great.


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Thanks Dan! It does sound like fun for her. Yes-I will let you know all about it. I am curious what it all entales too. I think opening a doggie day care is an AWESOME idea! There just isn't enough of those around! I will keep you updated!


Ok Lisa you found the perfect place!
Now we will have to move to St. Petersburg and not Sarasota! Ha Ha.
That is awesome. I'd love to find a daycare for my "kids" but I think they would box too much and get kicked out!!

Can't wait to meet little Jazz!


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Jazz is going to love day care. Megan goes and loves it. Mom and Dad love it too because she comes home so tired and sleeps most of the night when she gets home. She has her schedule down to a tee. The days for day care she sits at the door and cries to go. It is too funny. Megan plays with another boxer and an english bull dog. I think it is great for socializing. The facility I go to has indoor and outdoor play areas. Which I liked because she loves to be outside.

The place we go for day care does training, kennels and doggie day care. We do train somewhere else though, it is closer for us and we had already started using that training method.

A word of advice investigate wisely. Just like skin kid day care, there are good ones and bad ones.


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re: Doggie Daycare

Originally posted by Brooklyn-Dan
I'm curious about doggie daycare.


I've taken Ali to a doggie daycare place several times. They also board and do grooming. Daycare costs $10/day. They have their regulars and you can also take walk-ins (that's what I did). They have an outdoor fenced area to play, indoor area to play and a separate potty area for the boarders, etc.

As a walk-in, Ali was gradually introduced to the other dogs. The first time, they just let her hang out in the front grooming area to get used to the place. They showed her the potty door, etc. The last hour or so, she got to play with the owner's dog who gets along with everyone. The next time, Ali was allowed to play with the regulars for a little while but surprisingly, Ali prefers to stay in the front.

I like this place because all the dogs are allowed to just roam around the building. They have dogs and cats resting all over, little beds for some of them. It's a very friendly, loving atmosphere and I was thinking I would love to open one like it as well. Just a dream, I suppose...


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Dan-I dropped Jazz off this morning to her Daycare. It is such a cute place. I'ts 5,000 sq ft. Part of it is a shop with little things you can buy for your pets. Then you walk threw a door and that is where the dogs are. There is actually a picket fence around it. So, you can stand outside the fence to watch them. Then they have an outside area all fenced in of course. THere is a fire hydrant out there. Too cute! The owner also said she is going to get some baby pools for the summertime for the dogs. They dont just leave the dogs there to play with eachother-they actually go in there and play with them. Throw the ball or toys around. It is so cute. The cost here is $18 a day. You can drop them off at like 7 AM and pick them up by 7PM. But they have package deals where it can end up being $10 a day! I took her there this morning and she didnt even know who I was-ignored me! I sat and watched her for 20 min! She was having a ball! SHe didnt know which dog or toy to play with!
I asked the owner if any other boxers come here. She said Zena use to but she just had a litter on Sat. She said the guy that owns them-will be going back to work soon and doesn't want to leave them alone. So, he will be dropping all of them off at the daycare. I told her to call me as soon as the pups get there. I want to see them. I keep telling my husband that Jazz needs a buddy! So, who knows!


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this is all very interesting. Seems like finding an appropriate place, large enough with a large outdoor area would be key. That's the first step, I guess. Of course, you'd have to find a place that was affordable, then fix it up for doggies' safety, exercise and fun, and you're pretty much in business. Offering extra amenities is always nice. The little shop idea is cute too.

This is very intriguing. I think I'm going to investigate things around her further and see what I can come up with. Do some math, check some listings, etc. Might be an interesting venture for a retired old guy like me.

Thanks so much for the info. I sure think it is needed and now that people are asking me to walk their dogs, I think I'd rather go the daycare facility route rather than get all involved in scheduling dog walks and that stuff.

I'll keep you all posted. Thanks again! :)

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To Lisa

Lisa, Thats it, It is settled, when my house is paid off, { 6yrs} i am moving down near you. :D I wish that they had something like that here by me. OH well that is Pa for you, Backwards, :LOL: Dont any PA people take that personal, i am joking. :)


PS GIve Jazz a big boxer hug from bandit, I hope she has fun at day care.
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