How young can you microchip?

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I am hoping in about 4 weeks to bring a new baby home. I want to get him and my 6 year old girl microchipped asap. After what happened with Ko-jack I feel that this is a must. But I was wondering if anyone new what age was good to do this. I want to have it done as soon as I can but don't want to rush in and do it when the puppy isn't old enouph. Any advice would be great.


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I don't think there's an age limit - my chips are in storage right now or I'd check the literature for you. All of my puppies are microchipped before they go to their new homes at 8 weeks, so if you do yours when you get her home it should be fine.

Julie's right, there is no age limit. These chips are injected into the back of the front (usually left) shoulder and the pet will also be issued a matching ID tag and you'll have to register him.
Good luck
Jennifer :)


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i would like know more about microchipping about how it works ad whats the use of the microchip and what the cost of doing it.I wanna microchipp Chief too.PLs give me some info on it thanks


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Benny, they might not use microchips in U.A.E. Check with your vet. They would know.


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yes they do have it here ,will ask the vet though.i just wanted to know how it works and whats the usual cost.


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How it works: A small chip encased in surgical glass (the whole thing is about the size of a grain of rice - the glass is what is used with pacemakers) is injected deep into the dog's subcutaneous layer - typically between the shoulder blades. The chip is coded with a number, and when a scanner is passed over the are where the chip is embedded, the number displays on the scanner screen. The number is registered (with the manufacturer of the chip, and if you want the AKC), and if a stray dog is found to have a chip, the person who is registered to that number is contacted. (There was just an incident a couple of days ago in Canada where a lost dog, who was found and was chipped, was unable to be reunited with its owners because the chip company did not have their number on file. The breeder of the dog had called just a few weeks ago to verify all of the information on their chips, and everything was correct, yet when the dog was found the information was nowhere on file. Disturbing - but those of you who have had your dogs chipped might want to make a habit of verifying the information regularly!).

Anyway, as I said my puppies are chipped before they go to their new homes. The chips are registered in my name (I purchased them from the chip company), and if the new owners choose to enroll in a recovery program (either the chip manufacturer's or the AKC's) they can. If they do not, and the dog was lost, the chip company would contact me and I have records as to which chip belongs to which puppy, and the owners' contact information.

There have been stories about the chips migrating, but most of those happened years ago when they were new to the market. Chips probably do sometimes migrate today, but I feel that the occurence is rare.

There are also those who feel that microchipping dogs is just a ploy to get us used to the idea, so that someday the government can begin microchipping humans (and indeed, they are doing trials of it with Alzheimer's patients.) I'm not about to get into that discussion here :) but it's something to think about.

How much does it cost? Well, I think that to have a vet implant a chip they provide is around $35 US. I bought my own chips, which cost I think around $9 each (I bought 50), and just have my vet implant them (I can't deal with that huge needle yet!) and I haven't been charged for it (even at a clinic I've never gone to before.) Registration with a recovery program is around $12 (I think).

I do feel that my dogs are more likely to be recovered with the chips in, plus I got a sign for my fence stating that all of my dogs are chipped which may deter thieves. I think the benefits far outweigh the risks in this area.



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Hi Julie,
well i diid ask my vet here they r charging 85$ for the whole procdure which included buying and implanting the chip.
and my vet said that the government does not have a scanner but does plan to make it compulsory for all dogs in the near future.
the scanner at the moment r only at some clinics over here .
the procedure they do drug the dog before doin it right and is it time comsuming and will there be any wound marks or anything.
waiting for your reply
and i know its costly over here infact very costly


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Most vet clinics and shelters here have scanners, and I have one (part of the breeder kit) :) They don't need to drug the dog - it's really just like a shot, only the needle is much larger. They vet inserts the needle, presses the plunger and they're done. Sometimes they bleed a bit, because the needle is so large, but there are no marks or anything. It takes all of about 5 seconds. Does your vet have a scanner? He should be scanning the chip in the needle before he implants it, to be sure the number that scans is correct, and then he should scan your dog right after he implants the chip to make sure it's being read properly.



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There have been stories about the chips
migrating, but most of those happened years
ago when they were new to the market. Chips
probably do sometimes migrate today, but
I feel that the occurence is rare.


I actually have an 18 month old pup with
one that's in his upper leg now! I always
thought they were fear mongering tales and
far fetched, but always have my guys scanned
at their appointments to be sure they still work
right, and amazingly, we had to go all over
this guy to find his. I had the whole litter
done at 6.5 weeks, and he was the ONLY one
to whimper when it was done (the only dog in my
experience to react at all, in fact) so I
suspect it was a botched job from day one.

I'm trying to decide whether to chip him again
or just tattoo him "m-chip" in hopes that anybody
who found him would scan until they found it.

I still strongly advocate chip use, even in
young pups. 8 other pups from that litter done
at the same time had absolutely no complications.
The needle IS thick, but the vet or tech will
bunch up all the excess skin at the nape and inset
it there with little if any reaction from the
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