How smart are our dogs - really??

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Our dogs are much smarter than we often give them credit for & they frequently prove it to us; as Zoe did today!
I had thrown away leftover beef stew & sat down to watch TV. I thought I heard Zoe in the trash can so I called for her & then heard her rooting around in her food bowl & drinking water. I asumed I heard wrong & she was eating the whole time so I didn't get up to check. Into the living room walks Miss Zoe all wiggly butt coming to see what mom wants. She gets closer & I realize that she has gravy from the beef stew in the trash can all over the side of her face & head!! She must have realized I knew what she was up to so she made noise in her dog food so she wouldn't get in trouble. Little did she know I figured it out LOL I told her as I was wiping her face off that she couldn't fool me ;)


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Thats funny cause a similair thing happened to me tonight. I go for coffee at night once all the kids and dh are in bed just for time to myself. Well tonight I get home and all of the sudden out of no where Lennox comes BOLTING out of the kitchen and runs straight past me and into my daughters room....trying his hardest to slip under the bunk bed without me seeing him (which is kinda funny considering he is getting way to big to be doing that!) cause all I hear is clunk clunk bang and then him clawing the carpet as he is hustling under.
So I go into the kitchen wondering what spooked him (low and behold the door shutting gave me away) cause my kitchen garbage was all over the floor. Makes you wonder if he knew he was going to get it cause boy he sure ran fast when he heard that door! LOL
The one time I actually leave and go out when the DH is still awake and of course he forgets to put the garbage up! lol I even have a baby gate in front of it and that USUALLY deters him. What a stinker! He still wont come out from under the bed....must have a treat with him and is scared I will take it away! tehe
Oh well live and learn and have to think of a better thing to do with the garbage at night. :rolleyes:


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my oldest girl lylah opens my bedroom door all the time.. how she exactly does it .. i dunno... but she does.. i can put her out of the room for cleaning or whatever .. and within seconds she is right behind me


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LOL must have been the weekend!!! Adam has always known he can open any cupboard or drawer in the kitchen. Well, this weekend he finally made the move to get into the trash. What a mess - he hid under the kitchen table when he got caught.

So, I invest in several baby locks for the kitchen. Now, he noses at the cupboard, then looks at me with those big brown eyes "mom, how come i cant open the door??"


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Tae has a habit that dates back to late October or so. At bedtime, I remove her collar and leave it hanging on the doorknob. She then sits and waits until I make it to the top of the stairs. I then tell her "OK" and she runs up for a treat. Off and on for the past couple months, she'd run back downstairs to get a toy or her collar. Well, I clearly do not want her chewing on the collar, which is what she did if I didn't take it away immediately. So, rather than chasing her, which we all know would be a futile effort, I divert her attention by offering another treat. Beginning about a month ago, she runs back downstairs every night, brings the collar up and drops it on the floor or the bed, then looks at me, waiting until I get the second treat for her. She figured out that retrieving the collar and giving it back got her a yummy!


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Tyson did the exact same thing last week. I was upstairs and I heard the garbage can lid getting slammed down. It's plastic and Tyson can't open it completely, he just gets his nose under there but when goes to back out the lid slams shut. I yelled down and told him to get out there and as I was walking down the steps he was already standing at his water bowl drinking. When I entered the room he was like "What, I've just been drinking water. I wasn't doing anything." Sure enough I walk into the kitchen and there is a piece of paper towel hanging out of the can and a banana peel on the floor. He thinks he's so sly.


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Pizza thief

I have a pretty funny one too. One day my girlfiend and I ordered some pizza and Rush definitely wanted to have some. We left the box on top of the kitchen table and there was still about 3 slices in it.

Rush then rang the bell he rings when he has to pee on the backdoor, so I opened it up for him and went back to what I was doing. Next thing I know Rush creeps back by me without going outside, and then he grabs the whole box of pizza and runs outside with it. I cant believe he lured me into the whole thing by letting him outside!


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Yeah, Sirus really is a piece of work! During the summer Sirus and I would go to my parents house to swim. Their pool has a security gate around it...and we close the gate when we're in the pool so the dogs can't get out and get dirty after taking a swim. Anyway, there was toy or ball or something in the yard that caught Sirus' eye...and he wanted out so bad! He started to pretend that he had to go potty! And yes folks...I can tell when my dog is pretending! The little punk never had to pee...and to prove this to the ex and my parents...I fell into letting him out. Sure enough...he ran straight for whatever it was that caught his eye and started taunting the other dogs still locked up! :LOL: We all got a pretty good laugh out of it. Just the planning that must go on in their heads to get what they want is amasing! :rolleyes:


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ssleighter said:
Smart enough to send us out to work for THEIR living....


Oh how true!! I sometimes feel that I am working to keep Diva and Monty in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed LOL!
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