How much is your boxer worth?

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DH had Biff at the park today. There were half a dozen or so dogs and owners. All were playing away happily, and one guy said, "Who's is the boxer?"

"Mine!" said DH proudly

"How much to buy him from you?" said this guy

"Not even a million pounds!" replied DH

And it got me thinking, there is no way on this earth we would part ever with our Biff - not even for a cool million !:)

How many agree with me?


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When Punchie was just a few months old, DH had her with him outside. Some man approached and offered DH $900.00 on the spot to part with Punchinella. Needless to say, the offer was refused. Not for all the world's gold ;)


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I agree whole heartedly. I've been offered money on countless occasions for Ory. And when I say no, they persist in asking for a price. I don't think those people understand that a dog, to us, is a family member.

It's like saying, "How much for your son?" Are you kidding!?!?

Sure, my life would be a whole lot easier/carefree with a million dollars (and I could rescue a bunch of boxers ;)) but I wouldn't have my Ory and I wouldn't be happy. Good job Biff's daddy for saying what I would definitely have said! I'm sure Biff agrees. :)


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I have never recieved an "offer" on Chance but even if someone wanted him there isn't a price I could put on him. He is my left arm and my right leg and I wouldn't sell/trade him for anything in the world ;) He's MINE :)


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I wouldn't part with Remy for anything, but I would consider parting with one or two human family members.;)
Do you think the man at the park would be interested in a sister in law, a brother in law, maybe?
I'll personally escort them, my Aunt is in Ayr, so after the trade I'm off to visit. :)


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LOL I agree with JaredKyah. I would never part with my baby not for all the money in the world! But now some human family members.....that's a different story


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I'm with you jhared. I wouldn't sell Brutus for anything, but if you offer me a boxer for my wife.....we might have a trade. NO TAKEBACKS.


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Mine are "priceless" too! We have no children right now, so they are our babies. Now, JaredKayah, you have a very good idea goin' there!!! anyone want a bil, fil, stepdad????? you can have him for free!!! :LOL:
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