How I got my Boxer boy!

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It was a few days before Christmas, and my family had been searching for a loving family pet for awhile after the death of our cat. We knew we wanted a dog, but after several trips to the local shelter it seemed impossible.

I went to my aunt's Christmas party and met a woman who was trying to find a good home for a male 2 yr. old boxer. She told me his sad story. She said the breeders gave him to a man who left him outside 24/7 in all weather. She knew the breeders and that man. She told the breeders, and they took the boxer back. She offered to help find the dog a good home, and still is!!

I really wanted to see the boxer. I went to the woman's house, and loved him so much, that I took him home a day before Christmas!!

His name was Buddy, he was the runt, and his birthday is January 15th!

I love him!!!


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Congrats on the new one. I am a firm believer in fate! I am glad you two found each other.


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Hi boxersissy -

Great story, and welcome to Boxerworld :)

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