How he became Buster Brown...

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Boxer Buddy
A young boxer (about 1 year old) is found in the streets of downtown Montreal. He is brought to the SPCA, but never claimed.
A young woman, meaning well, adopts the cute little huney buney sitting at the end of his cage. She calls him Trump. But it turns out this dog isn't perfect from the get-go. After only a few months, she gets a job offer in Toronto and decides the pup isn't worth moving with her and calls Boxer Rescue. The amazing and sweet lady from Boxer Rescue takes him to a wonderfull new home - they name him Buster.
This new home has a very young child.
The parents never properly introduce this new addition to the young child and often leaves them together unsupervised. the dog is deamed 'not good' with the baby and is promptly returned to Boxer Rescue. 3 different homes, and this dog isn't even 2 years old.
This is when I get the call -- at 8 o'clock at night. Boxer Rescue called me telling me they had a foster who needed a home right away (his family couldn't wait to give him up). He shows up at my house at 9 o'clock and I fall in love with him. His big brown eyes look so sad and so anxious. He doesn't understand what's going on.
He suffered from pretty serious seperation anxiety, and wasn't perfect from the get-go. He cowarded (still does) at baseball bats and brooms. And was weary of large men. But with a little work, alot of patience and tons and tons of love, Buster Brown has turned into the most wonderfull dog in the world. He's finally at a normal weight (he was WAY skinny when we got him!) and is a regular loving playfull Boxer.
If you adopt, or Rescue a dog or even buy a puppy -- just know he won't be perfect right away. Dogs need to be trained -- without being hit.
All the work and effort pays off in the end.


Your story brought tears to my eyes. I see too many dogs at the local rescue that are prime examples of dogs who are never trained/socialized at puppyhood and are "wildchilds". Fortunately there are people like you out there who will take the time to turn them into the Boxer they were born to be. Bless you and Buster found his angel.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Such truth told!!! And what a most precious kissable face that is!!! Thank you for taking him in and giving him the chance he deserved!!!


Boxer Insane
I thank you, we thank you, but most of all BUSTER BROWN thanks you for saving him. What a wonderful thing you and everyone that has rescued before has done! Its just to bad more people dont understand that a pet is FOREVER!!!


Boxer Insane
Kudos to you for adopting this furbaby and giving him another chance. We similarly found the "light of our life" at the local shelter and also named him Buster. This throw away dog had been roaming the streets for what must have been weeks - he was so emaciated and sick (he had parvo when we adopted him). Our baby is now 18 months old, healthy and thriving, and has returned our love tenfold. ~ Cathy


Boxer Booster
Buster is so lucky to have found you. All he needed was some patience, understanding and lots of love.
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