how flashy is flashy? and how plain is plain?

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As a new boxer owner, I am intrigued by the lingo everyone uses to describe their own babies.

I have seen phrases like "flashy fawn" often, and I know that the flash is the white, but how much "flash" does it take to make a boxer "flashy"? On the other hand, how plain is a "plain" boxer? Do they have no white at all or just not the white face markings and collar that many boxers seem to have?

My Riley is a reddish-grounded brindle male with a black mask, a little white stripe up the bridge of his nose and under his chin, a patch of white on his chest, and some white toes.

Of his 7 other (also) beautiful brindle littermates, he seemed to be less on the "flashy" side -- but OH what a cutie!

Riley: born 9/6/00, brindle male, natural ears, docked tail, spoiled rotten!


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Riley sounds adorable! My Jazmine is "Flashy Fawn" She has kind of unique markings. I always get complamints. Her face is 1/2 black and 1/2 white. Then on her chest if you flip her over I call it the star and moon. She has a white star that actualy comes into 4 points then there is a marking seperate underneath that-that kinda looks like a white moon. It's real cute.
Also, in her litter there was a flashy fawn male that had a white Z on his back that they called "ZORRO". It was too cute.

Jazmine's mom-Lisa
5 month old flashy, fawn female with natural ears!


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Lisa -- with her star and moon pattern, I guess Jazmine is truly a Lucky Charm! ;-)

Alisha -- thanks for the link. After taking a look, I suppose Riley is a "plain brindle"... although "plain" is a word that would never otherwise come to mind with this little guy!

Alisha Mobley

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That's how I feel about my "plain" brindle guy. Even though he is far from flashy he will never be plain. :D

Alisha - Indiana


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I was always under the impression that flash refers to white on the face and white on the chest is actually a blaze. Clio was flashy at first but has almost lost the white on top and to one side of her nose. Her chin is still white. She has full white 'bib' or blaze on her chest.

If you lay her on her back, she looks like a white dog with grey spots. She has full sox - up to her knees and elbows and her 'bib' ties around the back of her neck with two fawn spots that kind of represent the openings in the loops of the bow.

I am still surprised when I look at baby pictures of her how she has lost the white on her face. It was one of the reasons I picked her out a litter of nine.

Mother to Clio, flashy fawn, natural eared female with sox.


Debo is a plain, just a tad of white on three of his toes and a white chest. No white on his face!

Speaking of weird markings, Rob once woke me up in the middle of the night to say that Debo had the pattern of an owl or some kind of animal on his coat! I looked and sure enough, he did, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was! I'll have to ask!

Little Vera

My Vera must be "plain" too, but don't let her know I said that! She is Brindle with the black mask, no white on her face at all. She has the white on her cute little chest, and a little bit on her toes. I have no complaints about her markings at all, in my eyes she's perfect. Awww, but that's what everybody says about their babies, perfect just perfect.... :D

Andrea, Tim, and Vera

Vera Tigerlily 9/9/97 Petite Brindle female, black mask, natural ears, docked tail.. Cute as a button!!
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