How do you deal with the jealousy?

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As my husband posted, the new puppy has arrived. She's 6 1/2 weeks , but the largest of the litter and very playful and fiesty. We also have a wonderful cocker spaniel that's almost 5. He is normally very relaxed, and extremely well behaved, letting our children dress him up and drag him around the house for what I'm sure seems like hours on end- not your typical cocker. Anyway, we brought the puppy home last night and he doesn't want anywhere near her. He growls and has even nipped at her a few times. Other than that he just lays around looking very depressed. Do you think he'll snap out of it or do we have to deal with this new personality forever? Any advise or similar pet situations would be greatly appreciated!


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We didn't have this problem when we bought Tommy home - Billy adored him.

The only thing I would suggest is to keep giving the Cocker lots of attention and praise and don't fuss the puppy too much when the older dog is around. I guess he's just jealous and a bit put out. Just give him time and I'm sure he'll come round.


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You just have to let both of them know they are part of the family. Do the kids still play with the cocker spaniel pr did they turn to the "new puppy"? The cocker may feel left out and is a bit resentful. My first was and is jealous of our second but doesn't snap or act out against the second, just pushes him out of the way to get our attention. But they are both boxers and i don't know about cockers and boxers. My experiences with cocker spaniels were not pleasant even though I think they are a neat dog.


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good advise!


my advise when you get a puppy and already have a older dog is this: give the older dog lot's and lot's more attention when the puppy is near: the older dog will automatically be higher in order (dog's think like that) and when you make him feel that he is the boss, he will accept the puppy. Try to avoid to hug and kiss the puppy when the older dog is around. Always greet the older dog first and when you feed them always give him the food first and then the puppy.
In this way you show him that you expect him to be the boss from the puppy (that's the way it should be, otherwise they will fight when the puppy is older and gets dominant)
We brought in a new grown up dog in the house when we already had our Luna and she was jealous too. But we gave her a few more compliments, never stopped her when she climbed on the other dog or snapped him (he had to surrender, she's the boss) and they have a perfect understanding now.
He doesn't come near when she's eating and that way they live side by side.
If you give the puppy more attention, the dog wil misbehave to get his position in the family back.
Normally will an adult dog never bite a puppy but when he snaps at her: NEVER punish him: it is his sign to say: go away, leave me alone and after a while he will accept the pup and sometimes when he doesn't want the puppy in his area the puppy will understand it.
Just give the older dog some priviliges, even when the puppy is grown up.
You'll see, after a while they get used to eachother and become buddies.


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Check out this previous thread

I think it was Krikkit that posted a bunch of links for info on multiple dogs in a household. Very informative; gives great insight into pack mentality.
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