How do you cook liver for dog treats?

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Anne M

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I'm starting click training with Rocky and a good supply of really tasty tiny treats is essential. I'm using some low-fat turkey hot dogs chopped up and some freeze dried liver. But I asked a friend what they use in the ring. She said liver, but because they soemtimes keep it in their mouths, they make their own. GAG! Anyway, I despise the sight and smell of liver. I would imagine, that to make it portable you must overcook it. I turned it to leather. Anybody tell me how to cook beef liver so it can be easily cut into small chunks and used as rewards? Thanks.

Anne M
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Hum, I don't know for sure but from memory, it takes liver, garlic and flour, and you bake it for awhile. I hear it stinks to high heaven, but the dogs LOVE it! Try typing "liver treats" either on Petsmart web site or on yahoo, it will probably pop up.

I prefer to use baked hot dogs or I buy the mini-sausage (which is not good for them and expensive), but I'm lazy! I use Cherrios too.
Here was one, but I would cut the corn meal.

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I made liver treats and the dogs LOVED them.
And, yes, it does stink when cooking. :p

This is not an exact science, but here's what I did:
- liver, 1 egg, flour
Blend the ingredients in a blender until the consistency of cake batter (adjust amount of flour).
Pour on a large jelly roll pan and bake at about 325 degrees until no longer pink. (Grease the pan--I did NOT grease the pan, and it stuck bad.)

Cool and cut into small pieces. Freeze any that will not be used quickly.

Although there's nothing in this that's "inedible," I wouldn't necessarily want to put it in MY mouth!


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I cut the liver into bite size pieces, coat it with lots of garlic powder, bake it at around 375 deg. until cooked well, like jerky. I got these directions from a trainer at the dog show, and trust me Buddy will do anything for one of these liver snackies. Easy to do, just makes for an aroma in the house. Buddy goes nuts when he smells it cooking in the oven. I haven't tried it with Kailee yet, but will probably this weekend. I have to do this on a day that my husband is out, as he cannot stand the smell of liver cooking let alone eat it. Me, I love liver if it's cooked well, but no I do not fight with Buddy over the treats.


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You girls are making me feel bad - I'm very challanged in the domestic department and only bake the liver for our kids. They would adore the special liver treats so I really must do something about it for Christmas :) I just buy a whole Ox Liver and bake it in the oven like a roast, or cook it in the microwave on the 'corned beef' setting. When it is cooked I just chop it up and freeze it.

PS: If our oven explodes from shock after I make these treats I'll blame you all :)
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