How do you celebrate your boxer's birthday?

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Toffee gets a birthday cake from the Three Dog Bakery, as well as treats and toys. For her first birthday, I had a couple of people/dog friends over and they got the Three DOg Bakery "party flavors" bags. I think she prefers to have the day to herself (people, no other dogs)--cake, treats, and a new toy here and there for the day.


Boxer Buddy
Ozrics one year birthday is today and I'm thinking I'll have to hit the Three Dog Bakery for he first time. The happy meal idea sounds fun but i think it would wreak havoc on their tummies.

I'm guessing i could just cook him up some fresh chicken breast and he'd be happy with that but i think we need a cake.


Super Boxer
Give Ozric a big boxer hug and box from Kianna and Giguere. I hope he has a wonderful birthday with lots of yummy cake and ice cream! fiestaicon
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