How do I modify picture size to fit??

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I have a picture scanned and saved, and keep trying to shrink the size of the picture to add but whenever I do, it keeps saying too big. How do I modify the pixels to be 64 X 64?
I have a Canon scanner, and i'm not sure of the program it uses. Let me check out my user manual. Maybe I'll find out how to chance the size there.

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Sometimes I HATE computers

I can't get my picture to re-size either.smashicon What am I doing wrong????? Would Love anyones HELP. Thanks :confused:


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Resizing pics

Has anyone figured out how to resize to 64x64. I have pictures saved on my hard drive under my documents in my picture folder and I have no idea how to resize it to add pictures.


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Great, simple program to use

HI all.
I've recently joined BW and use a simple little, free, program to view and manage my pics. Its called "IrfanView" and is available from
Click here to get to program IrfanView

Its a free download. There are many nice features available, but to quickly see my pics, resize them and to make them ready to download to BW:
1. Open program, select File, select Thumbnails.
2. Open the file where your pics are kept (this will display all your
pics in thumbnails).
3. Double-click the pic you want, select Image, select
Resize/Resample, at lower left select '640 x 480'.
4. Select Save As and use a new filename if you want to keep
this smaller pic and its original size (or save it under same
filename if this doesn't matter).
5. You can also do lots of other edits (crop, brighten, darken,
sharpen, etc...) if you want.
6. Bam! Pic should be perfect size for downloading on BW.
This program is much easier to use than many of the other 'fancier' programs out there, and its free!! You can also set up a slideshow for your pics.
I hope my directions above doesn't scare anyone off. It may seem difficult, but once you download it and play around, its really quite easy! Good luck!!
disclaimer: of course, this is only if you already have the pics loaded onto your pc. If not, that's a different issue altogether!
p.s. if the link above doesn't work, then go to and search for "Irfanview".

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Thanks!-I did it!

Thanks for the great information Jon and Victoria - I had been trying to resize my pic for what seems like forever, but couldn't get it done (except to spend $45 to get an update for the program I was using). I tried IrfanView and it was FREE, EASY and IT WORKED!! Check out my boy Brutus!!! Thanks again!!

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