How did they get MY phone number?!

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I had a weird thing happen and wondered if someone can shed some light on it for me.

Two days ago, I got a call asking for the previous owners of our house. I was caught off guard and confused and said, "no they moved 6 years ago." Then it occurred to me that they never had the same phone number, just the same address. I asked the caller (obviously a telephone solicitor) how he got my number. He said, "it just came up on my screen."

Well, today, I get another call asking for these people! :mad: (I suspect it was the same person who called before.)

Every so often we get a piece of junk mail addressed to the prior owners--which is understandable to me. But I am completely baffled how they have been connected with our phone number. :confused:

The only thing I can think of is their name was associated with our address and by some reverse directory lookup, solicitors got my telephone number?? :confused:

I am more than a little irritated by this. If I get another call, I'm going to ask who's calling and complain to the company. :mad:


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By saying it came up on their screen do they mean puter screen? On some sites you can locate phone numbers by address only if they are not an unlisted number.
Just a thought. :confused:



Boxer Insane
If they call you again, tell them you are on a "no-call" list and tell them to remove your info. from their system. They will hang up quick. There is a site you can go to and send in your info. and if any solicitors call, they get a $500 fine. Good luck.

Oh, I don't have the web address, but type in stop solicitors in the search and you'll see it.


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Even solicitors MUST identify themselves before saying anything else. Sounds to me like this person is not from a legitimate company and is trying to get information out of you that you DEFINITELY do NOT want to give! My advice is to press *57 after the next call, inform them that you want to be removed from their marketing list (phone number and address) and inform them that any further contact will be considered harrassment. By pressing *57, you are forwarding a trace to the FCC. If 3 or more calls are forwarded, call your local police department. I had trouble with a "psychic" telemarketer and was harrassed on a daily basis for about a week. She informed me that she knew exactly what was on my caller id and that she knew there was no way to trace her number. I, in turn, informed her that she cannot "hide" from the FCC and that even though a bogus number appeared on my caller id that the correct number would be traced. I also called the police and gave them a head's up. It took 4 traces, but after the 4th, no more calls. These people can be relentless. We've changed our number to an unlisted one and still somehow get calls from solicitors (don't hand our number out to anyone, not even the grocery store!). It's very frustrating, I'm sorry you have to go through this.
Good luck,
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