How can I make my fiance change his mind ?:eek!:

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I was going to adopt a female boxer from our local shelter until i spoke with a woman that told me it isn't a good idea to get another female, because they will probably i was thinking about getting a male and my fiance says he doesn't want a male :rolleyes: . He says they lift their leg and ride everythjing and he isn't going threw this. :mad: Now he was going to allow me to get a female but not a male :confused:, does anyone know what I can do to change his mind ? He drives tractor and trailer all day and I am here alone it isn't like he is here with me and Sidney all day, I will get another one but this may take awhile :P. I always get my own way ;)
So if anyone has an idea of what I can say please let me know....... Thank You........

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Striker does not ride anything, or lift his leg. Is is still only 7 months old.

But my Mom's dog is a male, and he doesn't ride anything, even before he was neutered.
He lifts his leg outside, that's about it.

My boyfriend kinda likes having another male in the house, LOL.

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There are many people who successfully have 2 female dogs. I think the "general rule" is to get a male/female becuase the likelihood of them getting along is higher.

Also, I disagree that all male dogs hike their leg and ride everything. Remy was neutered at 6 mos. He "marks" trees and things outside, but has NEVER lifted his leg on anything "inappropriately." Nor has he ever humped anything (well, okay, sometimes our other dog). But it was so rare.

I think these are both behaviors that can be curbed through training.

My opinion is you could probably get either male or female and with some work, make it work out.
Good luck. I know it's hard to convince someone once they've made up their mind.

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We have 3 adult female dogs (2 are spayed) and they all get along just fine.
I wanted our next boxer to be another female - but my daughter picked Travis as "our dog" just moments after he was born. How could I say no? :) So far he hasn't lifted his leg and I plan to have him neutered early on so that (hopefully) he never does. He did mount a few other puppies at his first obedience class last night though - I hope this can be nipped in the bud!

Good luck with talking your hubby into another boxer!

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I was afraid to get another female because people told me that they would fight all the time. I am so glad that I did not listen! Gabbie and Cassie have become inseparable! They play ALL day long. I have had male (foster) dogs come stay with us and Gabbie didn't act any differently - she's always the leader.

The only thing we really have to work on is SHARING the toys. Gabbie shares the outside toys nicely. But, she is still reluctant to share the inside toys (she is getting much better though)! :D

We love "our girls" and would not trade them for the world!

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I agree with Darcy, BoxerCrazy, and Linda about female boxers being able to get along well together. I think a lot of it has to do with the individual boxer's personalities. Roxy grew up with another female before I got her, and she has always gotten along with all dogs. Then again, she never attempts to be dominate either. If Sidney is generally easy going with the other females she encounters, then I say "GO FOR IT" and get another female if you want. As for the Humping and lifting the leg thing, Kaiser has never humped anything, and only lifts his leg outside. Although I have only had him for a short time, I have owned other male dogs, and I can say the same thing about them too! ;)



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Tell him "I am getting another boxer and SHE is at the animal shelter and I do not want her to die in there. You will love her." :D

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We had two females for years, one was about 5yrs older that the other and they go along great.

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Where did your fiance get the idea that all male dogs humped and hiked their leg inside? It is just not true!!!!! I think it is quite rare for a well trained, neutered male dog to lift his leg in the house. Maybe start a new topic and take a survey that only a requires yes or no answer. Maybe we can convince your fiance that he is wrong.

How dominate or submissive is Sidney. If she is obviously, one way or the other, you could try and get a female that is the opposite. Then they would probably get along. The problem occurs when they are too close in dominance and they are contantly fighting as to who is the boss.

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I have a year old Boxer Samson, he has never done any of those things your boyfriend said. He is just wonderful. I now have a 6 month old female and they get along beautifully. However, I also have a female Border Collie/Heeler and Athena and her do not get along, but I think it is because my Border Collie is older and pretty set in her ways. Good Luck
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