How big is your baby?

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Gibson is almost 11 months and he is small. He is about 50lbs and you can see every rib. He is totally happy and healthy but he is just a mighty might pee wee.

Small dog big attitude!

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CJ is 4 months and only about 24 lbs. He is very skinny and I haven't measured his height, but he is definitely less than 20 inches to the top of his back! From other threads about weight I am pretty sure he is small for his size, and I can see he is too skinny but he refuses to eat enough to fill out, only to keep on growing... :(


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Originally posted by Jacksmom
Hi guys I havent wrote lately but I have a question now.
Jack is 4mo. now and we started a puppy class his teacher
calls him moose! he weights 40 lbs and from his back to the floor
he is 20 in. is that big? or normal size? please let me know
how big is your baby.

Legend is exactly the same size. People we encounter can't believe he's only 4.5 months old! We call him "horse". LOL


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Logan is 5.5 months old and weighs 45 pounds. They all grow at different rates. Logan was undersized cause of hookworms but promptly grew after we dewormed him. I wouldn't worry about size so long as they look lean (not too boney and not too pudgy) and are active and healthy all is good.


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Big Boy!

Diego plateaued at 70lbs +/- 2 since he was 8 mos old - which amazes me because he continue(d)(s) to grow tall & filling out width wise as of 12 mos. Currently he is 71 lbs & 27". He still looks like a teenager to me, but non-boxer owners think he's all grown (so does Diego :p)

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Rayna just turned 6 months and she is 45 pounds! People keep telling us she's going to be sooooo big....

Does anyone know when do they usually stop growing in height??????

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Rocky just turned 6 months and he weighed 53.4 pounds at the vet yesterday. He is a big boy and keeps getting bigger everyday. His dad is 80-85 pounds and Rocky's paws are already bigger than his dad's.


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Well my babies are so different in weight! Sasha is 57 lbs at 2 1/2 and Rocky is 53 lbs at 2. We are trying to fatten him up a bit! They are so sweet in any size!!!!!


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Cassius is 90 pounds with very long legs and not an ounce of fat on him he only eats 2 cups of kibble a day and a few cookies!!!
He thinks he is a lap dog and doesn't realize how heavy he is!!!!!

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