Housebreaking my Dog is going to Drive me to Drink!

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Amy Lyn

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We've had Wagner for almost two full months now and he is almost four months old. We have still not successfully trained our puppy to not go in the house.

We are doing something wrong, I know it. He knows to go to the door and ring the bell most of the time and we always go running to the door to let him out and then out of the clear, he'll just run out in front of us start peeing or pooping. When he does that, we get him to stop, run him outside and praise him when he goes out there.

We foolishly thought he was up to the point where we could take him out every hour and he would be okay, but the other day I took him out and 25 minutes later he peed on the floor. So much for that theory.

I'm so frustrated with housebreaking that I'm going to crack. They are going to have to burn these WHITE carpets when we're through!!!

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Keisha was 6 months before she could really be trusted in the house. I don't know if we were doing something wrong or if that is just normal. We would think that she had it and then she would go in the house again - it was very frustrating. I was getting to the point that I worried that she would NEVER be housetrained.
It sounds to me like you are doing the right thing - (though I am no expert). I think some dogs just take longer than others to be trained.
Don't get too discouraged - he will get it one day soon I'm sure - sounds like he is well on his way to being completely trained.
Good luck .....

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Tess was a full 7 months old before she was allowed full run of the house. Are you using a crate? Zelda is 11 weeks and she is not allowed in the house off her lead unless someones eyes are on her, and not for more than 15-20 at a time. I tether her to me or to the crate and as she does better, I increase the length of the lead. I also use Nature's Miracle enzyme cleaner on EVERY accident.

Housebreaking takes diligence and time. I have found and must humbly admit that most of the accidents are y fault and not my pups...forgot to tether, went over the 20 minute rule, etc. Good Luck - it WILL happen!


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Yep... I know how you feel. :) With Major we close all the doors, and block off the hall way so he only has part run of the house. Is there a spot where he has more accidents? Like for us, Major wouldn't let us know when he wanted to go out, so he would end up peeing at the door. So our trainer said try and feed him there (because he might not think that part is his "den"). So if he eats there then he will get more worried and let us know to go out. So we did and it worked. Another thing, Wagner might not have full control of himself yet. They say the minimum time is 4 months for dogs to start to gain control of their bladder. So give it time, he's still a BABY! :D

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We are going through the same thing with our Emma. She will do good for two or three days with no accidents and then it's like she completely forgets. It can get frustrating. But I keep reminding myself that she is only 4 1/2 months and can't control her bladder yet. She mostly pees in the house. She always goes directly out the door after eating, so we can usually control the bowel movements in that way. I understand about your white carpet. It is only only about 8 months since we built our house and I hope she gets the idea down completely soon. :(

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I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one frustrated by house training. I can't have boxers in my apartment so a friend of mine is taking care of Hunter for us during the week. Well, we snuck him into the house a few times and we were training him with the reward system but it wasn't working. Now, we have this spray that you put down after an accident and he hasn't gone in the house since. I was so suprised at the change. He goes straight to one of the doors and sits there. I'm so proud of my boy!:D

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Originally posted by Mr&MrsLane
Now, we have this spray that you put down after an accident and he hasn't gone in the house since. :D

What kind of spray is this? I would love to buy some. My baby is only 12 1/2 weeks but he's great under good weather conditions. If he can wait long enough to go down stairs he goes to the door and scratches but if he has to go right away he goes to our slider and scratches. But if its raining or the grass is wet he goes right in front of the door even when the door is open!!smashicon smashicon He looks at me like 'mom I can't get my pretty little feet wet' He also has accidents when it is cold outside. We tried puppy pads but we put one out and he drug it all over and had it about ripped to shreads before we could get it away from him. Winter is approaching and I don't want this to become a big problem. I got him a sweater and he just sits down and tries to bite his arms and he suddenly becomes deaf and won't listen or potty. Luckily our carpet is brown. Any suggestions?

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I feel your pain. We have two 10 month old boxers who still cannot be 100% trusted in the house. They have not had an accident is quite awhile, but I let them out about every 90 minutes or so. They are not very good at letting us know. They could not catch onto the bell thing at all. They just looked at me like a was a moron or something:) They sort of just give me this look like "Mom, i have to go" They are NOT barkers, so I cannot get them to bark for me to go out...its all about the look and catching the look. But, I guess at about 7 months or so, we stopped with the accidents on a regular basis. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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y baby is only 12 1/2 weeks but he's great under good weather conditions

at this age he is still a puppy, and can't be expected to be completly potty trained.

he's great under good weather conditions

My two and 1/2 year old male, will not go potty in the rain for any reason(neither will he potty in the house) he just can't stand those pretty white paws to get a drop of mud.

Just remember potty training takes time and patience, (even at the cost of carpet)



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Four months old is awfully young to be completely potty trained, but it does get better....Nature's miracle is great for cleaning up and getting rid of the smell....and praise works wonders, so it sounds like you are on the right track!
By the way a martini never hurts!!!:)
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