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I am confused a little at house training. Maximus is 11 weeks old. He was completely house broken for 2 weeks no accidents or anything. Then all of a sudden lately he has been having accidents in the house. It usually happens after he has just been outside to potty. I watch him go and will turn my back and boom a wetspot. I have no idea why he is doing this I have not changed routines or anything. Also he only does it when I am not watching him. Like if I go upstairs for a few minutes and come back down. I need help. Any Suggestions?

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What is your reaction when you have found that Maximus has had an accident? It *may* be an attention thing so try not to show any reaction at all. Some ideas are: do not let him see you clean it up, tether him to you when you are inside so you know just what he is doing at all times (this is great for bonding too, just tie a long leash around your waste), when you can not keep an eye on him pop him in the crate. It sounds as if everything is going really well and this may just be a temproary lapse as he is still very much a baby. At 11 weeks old he may not fully grasp all the principle of housetraining yet
Continue with a regualr routine and lots and lots of praise (and treats too) when he goes outside.

Here is some info on the teethering (umbilical cord) method if you are intersted:

Some board members have had great success in teaching their Boxers to ring a bell or similar when they need to go out. Hopefully someone will post about this here as it may be an idea to start teaching Maximus this as well


Whenever Maximus is in the house and out of the crate, put on his lead and tie it to your belt loop or otherwise attach it to yourself. Limit his freedom out of the crate to 20-30 minutes at a time and either take him out to potty or back in the crate. Also, when you clean up the mistakes, save the paper towels and put them in the spot in the yard where you want him to "go" and take him there each time. Also, and I found this a MUST, get some enzyme cleaner at Petsmart and use on every accident spot.

Good luck, he WILL get it sooner or later!


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