Horrible walk today

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Today my daughter and I took Billy and Tommy to the park. We had just entered the park and I let Tommy off the lead. I walked a bit further along and realised Tommy wasn't with us, I looked back and saw him playing with a retriever.

All of a sudden a man shouted for me to come because my dog had knocked a lady down!!

I ran over and there was a elderly lady lying on her back on the pavement. I was horrified and so upset to think my dog had done that.

I quickly tied him to the fence with Billy and went to see the lady. She was conscious but not really saying much. Anyway the man then rang for an ambulance and it was there within about 3 mins. The ambulance man asked the lady her name and address and she couldn't remember.

I have never felt so bad in all my life.

Anyway, she was able to stand and walk to the ambulance and then the man with the retriever said that in fact both dogs had knocked her over - so it wasn't just Tommy after all.

So we left our names and addresses and later on the lady rang to say that she had been shocked and dazed but the hospital had given her a check up and she was at home with her husband and feeling fine apart from a bruised bottm. I apologised and she was ok about it really. She said she knew what dogs were like when they were playing and she realised it was an accident.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to go and buy some flowers or a plant and take them round to her.

I felt so awful about this all day, but thankfully the lady is alright.


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Oh gosh, how horrible! I'm sure you must have felt just terrible. I'm glad to hear that the woman is recovering and being so understanding about the situation. I'm sure she will really appreciate flowers or a plant.


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What a terrible experience. I am so glad that the lady is okay and understanding.


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WOW...what a terrible experience! Thankfully she was okay.:)
I think that would be very nice of you to buy her some flowers or a houseplant. I'm sure she would be grateful for your caring and concern. :)
Geeesh...our babies can be such big goofs! Tommy was just happy and excited as was his friend!:rolleyes: Give him a hug too!;)



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Boy, aren't you lucky? If it were my dog, she probably would have rung up her attorney from the hospital bed!! Glad to hear she is okay:)


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So glad she's ok. We took ours to the park last weekend and my middle fur child (not a boxer) wriggled out of her collar and bolted across the park to this couple with two dogs that were barking at her. I thought she was going to eat the little one. Luckily when she got there she jumped and ended up launching her self over the wall and into the lake. After the fact it was pretty amusing but definitely scary til we knew the people and their dogs were ok.


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Wow, I'm glad to hear that this lady wasn't injured and was so nice about the whole ordeal. It's nice to see this kind of an ending when so many others would be all over it with a lawsuit!! Who knows, maybe by your nice gesture with the flowers you'll earn a new friend for both you and your babies. :)

- Mandy


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Today I bought a beautiful purple Christmas Cactus and took it to the lady that fell down yesterday.

She said she was a little stiff and had muscular aches but nothing worse - phew!

We had quite a chat and a cup of tea and she said that she used to have a Springer Spaniel and so she knew all about lively dogs and knew that I wasn't to blame and nor was my dog - just one of those things.

She said she planned to take it easy over Christmas and her and her husband were going to a relative for Christmas Day.

She really liked the cactus.


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That is definately a great ending, especially in this day of frivolous lawsuits. When they are playing they can be quite a mess. Karma used my grandmother as a springboard a couple of weeks ago when she came by to visit which left a nasty bruise on her leg. They get so excited when people come over. Until we have the command down to keep them from jumping on others, they will have to be crated when older people come over.


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I'm so happy for you that this was an understanding woman. You never know these days. And how sweet of you to bring her the Christmas Cactus. I've been trying to teach Laila not to jump on people & it's not an easy task.

Glad this turned out to have a positive ending.

Jill :)
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