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Well, Tina and Missy just left after our home visit. I just want to publicly thank Tina (and Missy) for taking the long trip from their home upstate to come all the way to Brooklyn for a home visit.

We had a great time chatting and watching Missy and Maggie play and romp around the house and give each other kisses. Missy even taught Maggie a new trick -- how to jump over the couch!!! She's been contemplating how to do that for a while now, but hasn't figured it out. But once she saw Missy do it, she understood and gave it a try herself. She didn't quite make it, but when she grows just a little bit bigger, watch out couch!!! :)

We also took a walk to show them the park and where Maggie goes to play each day. We had a very nice walk in lovely (but cold) weather and the dogs got to romp a little and roll in the leaves and stuff, and chase a couple of squirrels and some pigeons too! A good time was had by all.

But I think you guys were right. Maggie cinched it for me. She was so good and well behaved and sweet. She and Missy got along like they'd been friends for years. I was so proud of her and how well she behaved. I am one lucky daddy to have a girl as wonderful as Maggie. For sure!!

Anyway, as soon as we find the right dog, I'm pretty confident that Maggie will have a new brother or sister before too much longer. Tina says I should hear from them again in about a week, or sooner. I'll be checking the SCBR site every day to see what boxer baby might be in need of a loving home and a friend like Maggie.

Just wanted to update you and let you know that all went well with the home visit. Thanks for all your support and kind words. They really helped me not to be too nervous and strung out about the visit. And, it turned out so well, I thought. I'm very grateful.



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Congratulations, Dan and Maggie!!!!!! :D I'm so happy for you both (and very envious about being able to meet someone from the board!!). Steve and I have been tossing around becoming foster parents. I think we're going to wait until Oscar is a wee bit older and Steve gets the doggie cabled run installed this spring.

Again, an early congrats on the soon-to-be Maggie sibling!


You are a lucky dad to have Maggie and she you! She is soooo awesome! I could not get over how well behaved that girl is. She was sooo sweet and gave us lots of kisses. We had a great visit and I was very happy that I was able to come meet you guys and do the home check for you.
Missy was so taken by you guys she didn't want to leave. She kept turning around and trying to go back up the stairs.


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Well that little Maggie sounds like a real gem. But you need to take credit, too, for training and socializing her the way you did.
Good luck in getting a new sibling for Maggie!


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I'm so happy for you. That is truly great news. I'm glad Maggie and Missy did so well together. As soon as Maggie jumping over that couch I want to see pictures. Maggie in flight, cool.

It is a real accomplishment to have a well behaved dog and when they are well behaved when others are around that is even better.

Congratulations to both of you.


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Thanks so Much!

Geez, I feel like I just graduated from obedience school or something. I'm so proud!!! :D

Thank you everyone for your kind messages of congratulation to Maggie on our home visit. You can't believe how very proud of her I am at this moment.

I did want to specially thank Malinda for posting the original post about Cleo and encouraging me to take a look. Thank you so much for encouraging and supporting me and getting me motivated to get a rescue dog. I was so intimidated by the thought of the process, I never really would have done it without your help and encouragement (and of course everyone else's support here at Boxerworld -- and Tina especially too). It has been a great experience thus far and I'm sure I'll soon be the proudest pappa in Brooklyn again with another sweet, wonderful boxer friend for me and Maggie. So thank you, Malinda, Tina and Everyone at Boxerworld !!

Oh, by the way, I was at the site and found a wonderful pup named "Max" whom I've written to them already about. Tina said that I passed the home visit with flying colors ( :) ) and so I'm hoping this beautiful reverse brindle boy might be right for me and Maggie. He sure is a beauty.

Anyway, another update. I'm sorry to be so gushy, but this is such a wonderfully rewarding thing and it makes me feel so good about life and people and especially boxers!! :D

I'll keep you all posted on further progress.


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TWO thumbs up for Dan and Maggie

I told you that you would pass the home check with flying colors. A huge congratulations from me and my crew! We truly hope you find the perfect match that fits with you and Miss Maggie Mae like a glove :) You will be giving a wonderful home full of lots of love and attention to a boxer who truely needs it. I commend you for that and thank you for wanting to rescue!!


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Congratulations Dan!! I knew it would go well for you. And as I told you Maggie would cinch it!! They seem to know that it is an important visit. As I said to you yesterday, Buddy was so well behaved the day of our home visit I couldn't believe he was the same dog. I know the what you mean about feeling like you graduated. When we were told we had passed the visit, it felt like we had won the lottery. I am happy for you Dan, and whatever little furbaby is lucky enough to become yours and Maggie"s, I know they will have a great home. Keep us updated!!!

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Dan....I, too am thrilled for you & Miss Maggie:D You are especially to be commended for all the work you have done with Maggie....especially the socialization. Much as I love Sammie, if a female boxer came into this house, she wouldn't be at all gracious! I thought since she loved people & my son's dog, that she was "socialized"...wrong. That is something important that I've learned on this board!

....anyway, I'm rambling. Just wanted you to know how happy I am for both of you. You have BOTH worked very hard & I hope you get your new baby soon. I'm going to go check out Max now! Annie
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