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Jim C

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Hello-- I need to find a home fast for a little fawn girl I adopted a month ago. I have a male and a female already. The two ladies have had little spats here and there, but in the last two days it has become bloody. I just finished cleaning them up from this last fight. They both had no white on them, they were covered with blood. Cleo is a beautiful little girl. She just had all of her shots this morning and she is heartworm negative. She is 1.5 years old and weighs 43 lbs. She is a little girl but strong. She is house broken and loves to play. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Hey Jim

Oh, I wish I could take her so bad! But I don't think I could take another dog right now. I don't have the money for two dogs right now. I have a little fawn boy, 9 months, Major who would love a playmate, but I can't afford her.
I will check around and see if anyone would like a little girl. I volunteer at the Town Lake Animal Center, but don't take her there! You should try Lone Star Boxer Rescue, I think Sammie's Mom has also notified them of your problem. I'm sure you know that the two girls are fighting over dominance between the two and it has finally escalated. There really isn't any other definite solution to your problem besides seperating them. Signals that you send to the both can be beneficial, giving one more attention, feeding first, etc are signal that show which one is more dominant. Be consistent to which girl you are going to give that attention, don't mix it.
Where are you located? If you have anymore information on Cleo, like if she has any training, ears, tail, dewclaws, where did you get her, papers, etc. that would help me out. You can email me (Janet15851@aol.com) or post here. If you have a scanner or digital camera and you can take some pictures and send them to me that would help too, if not don't worry about it.
Glad to meet you Jim! I hope we can fix your problem and find a good home for Cleo.

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If you adopted her through a rescue , you need to contact them to return her. This is stated in most contracts. If not then please contact a rescue near you. This link should help. http://surf.to/boxermap
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