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Hello out there... I'd just like to say, I really didn't intend to start chatting with you guys, me being a bit new to the www, but people here seem friendly and level-headed:cool: . Soon to be a boxer owner for the 1st time!!! Very excited about our new addition to the family, and thought I'd say 'hiya!':)
Welcome Luke! That's a lot for you to learn right off the bat lol, the net, BW and a new puppy! OH, my. Can't wait to see pics of your new baby. Congrats!


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Will post pics as soon as I can find a 'digital camera' for this antique PC, and when I figure how to work it:o ...Look forward to chatting with you about these incredible dogs... :) Take care, and speak again soon


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Welcome to Boxerworld!! I know waiting for a puppy can be the most EVERLASTING process. Good luck and can't wait for the pics!!

lola snuggles n kisses lovicon
kaiser hugs n slobbers foolicon
VaSHa frogicon

Sam S

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Welcome to Boxerworld!

Yes we are a friendly mob here, but level headed....... more like boxer crazy......foolicon ............ LOL

This is a great place to look for information, I wish we knew about this site before we got our 2, it probably would have made training, feeding and all those other things that little bit easier.

Look forward to seeing pics of your new baby!;)


Welcome, it is a pleasure to have you here with us. Congratulations on getting a new baby soon. I look forward to hearing all about the adventures you'll soon be having. we hope you enjoy your stay here with us.


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Welcome Luke, do you have a name for your new boy/girl? Is it a puppy or full grown, and When is the big day?
Level-headed? :confused: I don't know if you can call us that, the only one that may-be is Olly.


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boxer - what more does man/woman needs ?

I tried to introduce myself earlier, but I noticed that I couldn't start a new thread. Can you advice me, head master of this column ?:confused:
Well, I live in Finland, have two fawn boxer bitches, one litter of boxer babies has already found their new homes . Breeding is the THING that interest me and all boxer- related too.:D


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thank you!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome... It's great to know that my wife and I aren't the only ones madly in love with the boxer breed:) ! Possible names for our future baby boy pup are 'Murphy' and 'Tyson', at least that's me and my wife's shortlist... Each of the kids has his/her own opinion, the next-door neighbour and probably the cat does too:D We look forward to sharing our adventures with you guys.

lori b.

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big tip for you and the new baby

The first thing i learned is : Keep the Dryer door closed unless you want everyone you know to see your underpants on the living room floor. Boxers rule! Congratulations,from Dixie Belle and Mr. Gibson and their mom......
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