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Boxer Pal
We have a 1 year old female boxer named Hailey. She is our first dog. We love her so much we had a party for her 1st birthday! It was April 5th. We baked a special " bone" shaped cake & invited 3 of her best puppy friends. It was hysterical!!! glad to meet everyone!


Completely Boxer Crazy
Welcome Tara and Hailey! I too have given both of mine birthday parties, every year! I get my family together and have a party with ice cream cake, its their favorite!

I cannot wait to hear your stories...and pics...we love pictures!


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Welcome to the boards. My Maggie has a birthday coming up in June, her 1 year birthday. I'm thinking about a cake too. What fun. Maybe a little party in the park with her boxer friends.

We look forward to hearing more about you and your furbaby. Again, welcome to the boards.
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