Hi from Whistler ,BC, Canada

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Welcom fellow Canadian!

Welcome to BW Where you can find all things Boxer! Congrats on your new little one, She's lucky to have you guys "save" her.


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Greetings from Drake in Alabama! Welcome to BW! I hope you find the site as enjoyable as I have. You can find out almost anything you ever wanted to know about boxers. The people here are great!:) I don't know what I would do without this forum!


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Thanks for the welcome & Zoey's Mom ,let's connect

Thank you all for the nice words. We know that boxers and boxer owners are special, and we feel right at home here. Asia is now 13 weeks and it looks like she is going to be a great friend. Zoey's Mom, Adrienne is often in Squamish on business, and we have lots of free time here at Whistler, and live right near a dog beach. You can email us at email removed by Moderator: read the Rules if you would like to get together for playtime. Cheers, Al
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Welcome to BW :) We usually have a boxer picnic in June in Maple Ridge. Keep a look out for the date in the Boxer Bash & Events Room :)


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WhistlerAl -

Since you are new to this website, the Rules should be very fresh in your mind. You are NOT allowed to post email address, phone number (or any sort of personal information) on this website.

Next time you will be removed from the site.

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