Hi from Florida!

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I am new to this site, and I absolutley love it. I go on it everyday! We just got our first boxer, her name is Jazmine she is 13 weeks and is a flashy fawn female with natural ears. She is AMAZING! Boxers are AWESOME dogs...I have already got a lot of info from this site...Thanks to everyone!

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Lisa, welcome to the baord. My aunt lives in Florida and then spends most of Aug and Sept here in Oregon because she hates the heat,LOL!

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Welcome I to am new to this site,as you are a new boxer owner you will find yourself getting more and more boxer mad and end up like most of us comlpetly boxer crazy :D

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Welcome! My husband grew up in Florida (Cocoa Beach) and his dad still lives there so we visit once a year or so. I love Florida! Second only to California (and that is debatable). You'll enjoy the board.


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Hi from one Floridian to another. I am from So. Florida. Welcome to the board, Lisa!!

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Welcome Lisa!!!
I joined the board about a month ago. Trust me it is addictive, but fun. You'll learn a lot here and meet some great people. My parents used to own property in Venice Florida so I spent a lot of winters there as I grew up. They sold 2 years ago due to my dads health. I miss it so much. Anyway we always flew in to St. Petes so I am familiar with your area. You are so lucky!!!! Talk to you soon.

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Welcome to the board, Lisa :)
You live in the only area of Florida I haven't visited yet (I was around 3 months in Orlando and 1 month in Miami). I heard it was a beautiful place (and I think the longest rollercoaster is there, but I am not sure).

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