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Paula b

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We are Paula and Andy from Liverpool in England. Our little (or not so little as he's now 70lbs) terror is called Ice and he was born on 5th December 1999. He is fawn with a cropped tail and natural ears and has white sox and chest. We love him to pieces and his family too as we still see his real mum and dad and his sister. He is a real part of the family and although at first we didn't really want a boxer we wouldn't swop him for the world and would definitely home another one. He is also known around the house as iceman, nugget, spud and many others.
Welcome from generally sunny Queensland, Australia (we are currently having a few flooding problems). We are new to this website also and are enjoying hearing everyone's stories. We also keep in touch with Travis' former owners and often meet relatives of his at Boxer Fun Days. It is great to get together with other boxer parent's and through this site we can learn a lot more.

Hope you have as much fun as we are! Talk soon.
Welcome to the board. I love the name Ice, its so different. You said you would welcome another boxer into your home, would you consider rescueing one? Boxers are so much fun, cant wait to hear more about Ice.


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paula b

Wecome Paula from (snowy at the moment) Maine USA I have two boxers and love them to pieces too-wouldn't swap them for anything either-I wish we had boxer fun days around here though! Just wanted to say welcome!


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Welcome to the board. We're glad you joined us. This is the greatest place on the internet for boxer lovers and owners. We hope you enjoy meeting and greeting everyone here and will explore all the features of Boxerworld when you have time. And with a boxer, time could be a problem :)

Look forward to more stories about your boxer Ice (really "cool" name). And again, welcome to the board.


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Welcome to the board, this is the best place for people who wouldn't trade their Boxers for anything!
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