Hey kitty owners: Any thoughts/recommendations on the Litter Robot?

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We've been through MULTIPLE Litter Maids (costing in the $hundreds)--great idea, but bad design/motor strength. I currently have a 'manual' kitty litterbox (meaning scooper & me:D). Problem is, I like the idea of having a clean litterbox for my two kitties--even if we decide to take the pups and go for a long weekend.

I have been reading rave reviews about the Litter Robot (http://www.litter-robot.com/).

Has anybody tried this?? It's not cheap, but I think it may payoff in the end--if it works. My cats are pretty easygoing about litterboxes--nothing really fazes them. One cat (female) likes to pee standing up and our current litterbox (Booda) does not seal well and guess what?? A puddle of pee everyday on the linoleum. smashicon


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I dont have one, but Im also interested if anyone knows...I have two kitties, and my youngest Jadey wont go in the box if there is any poo's at all!! We have tried everything even multiple litter boxes...I scoop very often to stop as much as I can of it, but she has been poo-ing on the basement floor everytime she has to go and there is a pile in the litter box...and darn it I cant follow my cats around every second of their lives and pick up each poo the second it happens...lol...which is Im sure what Jadey is expecting me to do...lol. So yeah this looks very interesting...:D


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I a guilty of following my cat around and scooping out her poo's as soon as she makes a deposit. I even get up in the middle of the night to "de-poop" the box! She is on a really good schedule, and I know when poop is due. I think that my girl would be annoyed at anything mechanical to do with her throne!


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a great idea!

Super Boo said:
My cats are pretty easygoing about litterboxes--nothing really fazes them.

I bought a Littermaid a few years ago and it's nice, but my "problem" cat won't gp near it because the noise it makes freaks him out.. I would like to try this but am afraid it will not work for me as the FAQ's say that it's not the best for skiddish kitties. You're lucky to have easygoing cats.. I'll probably be a manual scooper forever..
It looks interesting! If you decide to go ahead and get one please let us know how well it works! My only problem would be my "extra large" cats, 2 are over the 15lb recomendation. If they work well I may try one for the "regular" cats. With 5 cats in all we are constantly scooping and I would love a break!

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One of my cats is really tall and thin. She's the one that I'm curious to see how she will do. If she would eat, I'm sure she would exceed the 15 pounds. It's been shipped so we'll see how it goes.
That does look nice.. but :eek: on the price! :LOL:

I have a litter maid here and haven't had any problems with it.. except for the fact that our dainty little persian girl can't seem to aim for the LITTER very well :LOL:

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That was our main issue with the littermaid too--Puffy likes to aim out of the litterbox and the hood/tent thing was useless. Also the thing got so dirty it stank. Hopefully this thing is lower maintenance.


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Sounds neat and looks good, with the money back guarantee you really can't loose except for the postage. My friend has a litter maid for three years with no problem but this seems superior good luck let us know as we have been thinking about a cat.

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I got it and I LOVE it. Less mess totally--nothing to get gunked up. You can also use regular grocery store bags with it. It's really not that small or confining--more open than the Booda they were using. So far so good and no smell.
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