hey all when i s a boxer full grown ?

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my friend who ownsa boxer says a boxer is fully grown at age three. when is a boxer full grown?
and also when your boxers were still in thier intermediate puppy stages did they have brown and black spots on thier white stomachs? is this normal?

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Some boxers don't reach their full maturity until 2 - 3 yrs of age. It depends on the *genetics* and the *type of line*, that particular dog comes from. Females reach their mature growth usually sooner than males.

The brown spots that you see under the white markings, those will stay. Some boxers have them, and some don't. Its nothing to worry about.

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It depends on the definition of full grown - they don't keep growing physically, but they maintain their puppy like attitude for much longer than just their physical maturity time, it's a boxer trait - they're all young at heart.

You'll notice those spots even in boxers that are flashy - people used to be afraid that a boxers markings on their skin would darken up and they'd look like a dalmation - but that's not true.

Casper is covered with these spots, one of my neighbors was telling me one day that Casper was a dalmation Sharpei mix because there are no white boxers and you can't get a pure-breed dog at the shelter :rolleyes:

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My Tina started behave like a 'big girl' only a year ago (when she was almost three), and I even thought she was sick or something else because of this change in behavior. Before that she was comletely a pup inspite of her size and look :D Now she doesn't run to everybody in the street to greet them excitedly and she doesn't play with other dogs that much, sometimes she just likes to walk by herself and sniff at things all alone. So I must agree that boxers are grown up by the age of about three.
As for dark spots on white - she also has them on her white chest, that's quite normal.

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