He's angry at us!

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Some people say that dogs do not do things out of spite. After owning a dog, I have to disagree, at least to an extent.

Poor Debo got his paws burned (front) by the concrete. My daugther took him out (without permission) and had him on the ground (hot in Arizona) and when I finally found them, it was too late, later that night he had two callouses that peeled
one on each paw about the size of a dime. He didn't show any pain, but I know it hurt. So anyway, we didn't run him Sunday night or Monday night.

We woke up Monday morning to a ripped up sandal in the living room. Late last night, we woke up to the tissue box and tissues being torn to threads all over the livingroom. So we put him in the crate for the night.

Woke up this a.m. and he's as happy as can be, I notice he threw up in his crate!!! He never throws up! (Probably the tissue he ate!)

So I just wonder, what can I do in the future if this happens again where he's not getting his regular walks, I try to play games with him (throw the ball - I let him in the back yard with a frozen rib bone - we also play chase and go find Shayla ) But this doesn't replace his walks and it really seems like he gets mad and looks for trouble!

Debo is six months and it does seem like he's getting into things more often also, is this that "teenage flakiness" time??? Any suggestions?


I have 2 one year olds and they get into anything not nailed down. puupy business. As for the walk can you but or make him booties?? I know they sell them in catalogs...we use them here in the snow to save their tootsies from frost bite!
good Luck.

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Poor Debo! It's hot here, too (not as hot as AZ - my parents lived in Sun City from July '94 to March '95 and I visited them in July right after they moved. I swear it was like being at the mouth of hell!!!) Anyway, they do retaliate...Indy will tear something up if I leave him for an extended period of time. He loves the fringe on my area rugs...I have to put heavy things on each corner of the rugs without fringe, because he will get the pad underneath. Uuurrr!! Both dogs pout. They will get all droopy eyed and eared. It's soooo pitiful. As soon as they see I'm home for the duration, they perk right up. As for Debo's feet, I would see about some of those bootie things. They sell them at Petsmart or Petco or in catalogs. I just wait until about 8:00 p.m. or so for the evening walk. It's much cooler and the sun hasn't been on the pavement for a while.

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Poor Debo, there are somedays when ours refuse to go out because the ground is too hot for their feet. I know for a fact about Boxer revenge. Once Samson got in trouble for something I can't remember what, but boy did he get a good scolding. So off I went to go shower, when I come out he is waiting for me, prancing and whining trying to get me to follow him, I follow thinking he wants to go outside, he leads me into the living room, looks at this enormous pile of poop on the floor, sticks his nose in the air, snorts and walks off with this look of have fun cleaning that up. As for dealing with this heat,we are pretty much doing as you are, trying to keep them occupied by lots of backyard running in the evening and lots of cuddling and roughhousing in the house. We finally did go on a walk this evening both dogs were so happy. How long before winter again???


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Poor guy! When Jake has "hot feet," he'll hop on three at a time (alternating which is up), like we do (with two). It's pretty funny. I've definitely noticed that Jake only gets into trouble when 1) He hasn't been walked, 2) He's been left alone too long or 3) We come home then leave again. Suffice it to say that, short being physically injured like Debo, he gets a walk every day - even in the rain (it rains a lot in Connecticut). Last night I had class from 2-6, came home, then went to a wake. I was back home by 8. That doesn't seem too bad, right. He wasn't alone terribly long, but I "teased" him by leaving and coming home again. He got into a huge box containing a cart that had to be put together. It was wrapped in plastic, and the cardboard was very sturdy. The whole thing weighted more than him, I'm sure of it. You wouldn't believe the mess he made! He's Superdog with Super Strength! Crazy little guys...

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