He's Afraid of the Big Bad...

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Boxer Pal
....plug in air freshener!?! LOL!!

He noticed the new plug-in last night and went over to investigate. He got a nose full of 'raspberry rain', scooted back, sneezed, shook his head and then started barking at it! He'd creep up on it, crouch down, bark and then high-tail it over right by my side (practically in my lap)!!

Such a goofy dog!!


Boxer Booster
Isn't it funn what they are afraid of sometimes? My two will growl and bark at practically everything new and then want mommie to cuddle them.


Boxer Insane
My tougher than nails girl, Nysa, is sooooooo afraid of wheelbarrows :LOL: Not the mean and gigantic male black lab at our swimming hole-just the wheelbarrow...


Boxer Insane
My younger ones are super afraid of the fireplace screen (we call it the “black gate of mopar”…???). When a toy goes near it the game completely ends. It’s like, "oh well that toy’s gone forever because we're not going anywhere near the B.G.M". Also when we go to move it they both leave the room and peak around the corner until it’s "safe". When Trucker (our older dog) wants them to leave him alone he sleeps in front of it.


Boxer Insane
I have a certain pan that Coco is afraid of. It has a lid that hinges (you use it for making sandwiches that you can just flip the pan over) and she is terrified of it. I have no idea what bugs her about it.


Boxer Buddy
Darlin hates cardboard boxes. The hair on her back stands up and she howls.

She's also not a fan of the door stop (one of the metal coils at the bottom of door openings). She'll go over and slap it with her paw and when it starts making the noise, she gets in pounce position (Head and torso down on the ground. Butt up in the air) and just barks and barks.
We had to take it off one night to get some piece.


Boxer Insane
This is the funniest thread! Stella doesn't like trash day because the scary brown monster comes out and sits at the end of our driveway! Also, the other day the people down the street had a strange alien monster that landed in their yard! (kids tricylce)
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