Here we go dog #5.

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For those of you who remember me you know I own 4 dogs. Two Boxers, a Malumute/Shepherd and a Border Collie/Heeler. Well this morning my hubby showed me this ad in the paper, free Rotties, and German Shepherds My first thought was this is a puppy mill that has been shut down and they need to dispose of the pups. The German Shepherd is my daughters dream dog it is all she ever talks about, so behind my back my hubby calls this number, it turns out it is a well known Security Company and their dogs had puppies that they couldn't keep. I am still a little skeptical about the whole thing. Naturally I said "NO". My daughter went to a higher authority, she went to my Dad, he told her if she keeps up with the cleaning, food bill, and all else that goes with it she can keep her dog at their house. So tomorrow we are going to go LOOK (yeah right) at these little pups. Am I crazy or what? I am not sure about how bounding will go with her dog at another household, even though she is there every single day anyways. Honestly I need to know some opinions here I am not sure if this is a good idea or not?
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go get that pup!

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