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Alright - now I know some of you will laugh at me about this, but I just need to vent!
The Air Force Ball is Friday, my company helps to put it on, and well I have to be there, I wear the same formal dress every year (buying a new dress every 2 years) because well, I LOVE it, and it was expensive...Problem is this year, it just doesn't fit, and now it's too late to buy a new one (because I'm short and EVERYTHING needs hemmed up). Now it's fine through the hips and tummy, but when the zipper gets up to my boobs, well it just won't close! UGGG, I've tried everything. I started dieting a month ago, in hopes that I could sqeeze into it (we got it zipped up once, but I could barely breath). I tried it on last night I just wanted to cry. I'm not big, I'm pretty petite, the dress is a size 4, but that darn zipper! Now I have 3 days to drop at least an inch in my chest area - Anyone have any great idea??? I know 3 days to loose some weight is bad, but Saturday it all goes to hell in a hand basket because is the Michigan vs. OSU (GO BUCKS) and well there will be enough beer and food to feed a third world country.

HELP, HELP, HELP - I just need to fit into the dress. I should also say it's not a form fitting dress, but an A-line ball gown.


I'm not sure what your habits are and I'm not sure if this will help you but Cut out all Salt. I mean all coffee, soda and direct and non direct sodium. I had a similar problem before my wedding in September. My dress maker told me to eat very bland food and only drink water and Cranberry juice to flush out me system and I did and it worked.
It may not work for everyone and as I stated earlier I don't know your habits but I do know it worked for me.
Just a suggestion
Only thing I can suggest is Atkins.. or go out and do some shopping. Shopping might be easier. If you had a couple of weeks I'd tell you to definitely do Atkins. The last time I went on induction with Atkins, I lost 5lbs in 2 days (mostly water weight). The very first time I started this way of eating, I lost 12lbs in the first 2 weeks.

I would suggest going out and getting a new dress, it'll be easier in the long run.



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3 days is no time at all. i think getting something new would be best but i understand it may not be possible, with hemming , since it's so late. My only other advise is to get a minimizing bra if you can find one. very last resort try wrapping ace bandages around your chest to hold it in. (some athletes do that when running,etc and it does seem to make their chests seem smaller.)
good luck


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Okay...this is VERY extreme, I myself wouldn't do it...but my friend did & it worked.She wrapped her "problem" areas in Saran Wrap , and melted away her "extra" in those areas, and she was able to get into what she needed to wear. If you chose to go that extreme....Please be very careful! But I like the other suggestion of the minimizing bra, myself!

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Thanks ladies for all the great advice. I'm only drinking water, and eating salad w/out any dressing - YUCK, I know but only for 3 days right, or 2 1/2 now :) One of the guys in our office came up with a really good suggestion, zip the dress up till it can't zip anymore, have someone measure this, then take a piece of elastic, cut into a shape of a "V", then sew it into the spot...I think it should work! :)


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Austin's Mom said:
I'll be happy to take that extra inch of boob off of!

I was thinking the same thing ROFLMAO, as I was reading this I was thinking "What a great problem to have" since it is always opposite for me, I am always trying to figure out how to fill out the dress!!!

Good Luck!! (snicker snicker) I hope you have a great time


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I want some boob too!!!! I used to have "DD" cups but since I lost 100+ pounds I find that I can buy my bras in the girls department. Talk about a change...I wanted to lose weight but I lost all my "womanly curves" in the process. I really don't think it is best friend lost about 80 pounds and she kept her breasts and I lost all mine. She thinks it is because I breastfed all of my kids (4, I actually nursed 1 month shy of 5 years, weaning them boogers aint all that easy,LOL) and she didn't, she said I used mine all up, LOL! All I know is that I sure do miss DH says that it doesn't matter to him but deep down I know it does......I seem to notice him being a little more aware of his surroundings, if you know what I mean.
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