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Question for anyone with input:

Ozric has been at the emergency vet's office twice now for what i believe to be wasp stings (actually I think he's eating them). Both were on his face/head and both resulted in pretty bad swelling. Luckily I was home at the time and was able to get him to the vet quickly. They did antihystamine injections, a steroid injection i think, and the last time they did an IV.

Is there anything that I can keep and use at home if/when this happens again? Anyone have any experience using Benadryl (i know that one's safe for dogs)? Obviously if I see that he's having trouble breathing, or if he's vomitting or unable to drink or his gums aren't pink, then I will immediately take him in. However, if there's something I can try at home first to possibly avoid a $300 vet bill that would be great.

Unfortunately we don't really have any nests so there's nothing really an exterminator could do. Its Arizona and we got lots of flowering stuff in the neighborhood that attract these nasty buggers.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


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Last August while vacationing in rual Canada, we were heading down the hill toward the boat dock when 2 of my kids and the dog came running out of the grassy/wooded area screaming and tearing their clothes off. I ran down to see what was going on. What had happened was the kids and our Boxer stepped onto a ground bee nest. The bees went into thier clothing and stung them several times. They stung our dog in the face around her eyes and mouth several times as well. We jumped on the boat and headed for the island where we were staying. I grabbed the Benedryll that I had luckily packed for the trip. Benedryll is not reccommended for children under the age of 6 so there were no dosage guidelines for a 61 pounder (my dog). So I just gave her one spoonful (a cereal spoon as we had no medicine measurers with us) I watched her like a hawk not knowing what reaction she would have to bee stings in the face or benedryll for that matter. (she had only been stung 2 or 3 times in the back before and I treated that topically with after sting wipes) She did fine, visable swelling went down and no compromise to breathing were noted. It certainly was scarry for both us and the kids and dog.
So, I would check with a vet first and get dosage reccommendations for your dogs weight, but think that Benedryll would be a safe thing to keep on hand.

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Benedryl is 1 mg/pound for dogs. I keep it on hand for Zoe as she develops hives very easily. So since she weighs 48-52 pounds, depending on the day LOL, I'd give her 2 pills. I use the pills, not the liquid, since it's easier to give & there's alot less mess.
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