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Help with Food/Stomach Issues/Supplements

Discussion in 'Feeding' started by mxsprocket, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. mxsprocket

    mxsprocket Boxer Pal

    Jun 28, 2005
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    Having trouble with food with my Male boxer 19 mos. old. 55 lbs. Since puppy, I chose to stick with what the breeder recommended which was Purina Large Breed up until about 4 months ago. He grew well, looked great/acted great on both Pur. Puppy and Adult, although both foods have occasionally been interrupted by a a few periods of stomach upset/refusing to eat/loose stool; and decided to switch to Nutro Nat. Choice Lamb/Rice because of that. Was based on doing some reading/price/friend recommendation. I tried to eliminate wheat as a start with Nutro and wasn't sure I was ready to get into Canidae/Timberwolf, etc. although I can get around here (see note below regarding protein question). However, now, although Sprocket has not lost weight (in fact has gained), he has had two occasions of the same stomach issue mentioned above. Suddenly, he looks like he has lost weight/muscle (although hasn't lost #), fur was dull and shedding, and started acting lethargic just this past week when he stopped eating the food totally. Then refused the boiled chicken/rice and I was scared. Vet recommended putting on Purina HA (Hypoallergenic) giving FortiFlora supplement 1/day and Pepcid 1/day hour before eating. I've done 1st two for 3 days so far and he seems fine and is very eager to eat this. Was previously feeding 2 c morning/2 c night of previous food soaked in warm water. Have not made it yet to that amount. #1 - Am concerned about the protein in this food - I believe only 18%...my breeder had always recommended to stick around 26-28% but no more I believe (need to check my notes). #2 - doctor has not mentioned, but should I suggest allergy testing or do you find out allergy by elimination only? #3 - Not sure where I should go from here as I think I really need a better protein type of food but am concerned about what is causing the stomach issues. I see some of the others are very high (+30%) in protein...has anyone else ever heard to stay below 28%? #4 - Should I be supplementing his diet with anything? I see people give bananas, carrots, etc. for nutrients? Any help would be suggested. I might mention also he did have two swollen lymph glands in neck, but they have gone down also since stopping the Nutro food a week ago (maybe coincidence?). And did have one itchy paw. All this has made me very confused and mostly concerned. No other health issues. Sorry for being long but wanted to state facts.
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