Help, puppy is having behavioral issues in the yard.


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How do we teach her to stop? She is 4 months old. When we go into the yard (not always, but seems to be more and more as time goes on), she jumps on us and growls at us. She is trying to nip when she jumps. She runs all around us doing this. We can't even walk across the backyard. We can't catch her to make her stop. We firmly tell her NO, but it doesn't seem to stop the behavior. She doesn't do this while in the house. Any thoughts or ideas?



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It sounds like pent up energy to me. You need to redirect it. Teach her to chase a ball or Frisbee.


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It does sound like she had too much energy and could do with a little more exercise. Has she been out in the yard by herself when you go out? Does she spend a lot of time outside by herself? What is she like in the house? A 4 month old can be a handful. She may be just so excited to see you. You need to stand still, fold you arms and look at the sky. Just ignore her until she settles down. Once she does, praise and give her attention. She needs to learn that jumping and biting is not the way to get attention. It will take a little time, but she will eventually get it.
Good luck!


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No, she doesn't go in the yard by herself. It's when we first go out and sometimes after we've been out for a little bit. I am thinking pent up energy is it! We usually play outside for 30-60 minutes, twice a day. At least one of those times we play fetch for a little while. We will start playing fetch both times and ignore her when she is doing the bad behavior. Thanks for both your responses.


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No means nothing to a dog if you have uh "no means of enforcing it??? " No is an actual command but it has to be taught first and one has to have some means of enforcing it ... otherwise saying "No, No, No is a waste of time. :)
Most likely an "Extreme" example but I taught my Boxer "Struddell" to chase Jackrabbits, off leash and at distance to chase Jack Rabbits to the North, Mountains and not South the Hwy, with the use of the word ... "NO!"

But I digress, I'm not big on the "Exercise Cures all thing." I tried that with my first Over Size Working Line GSD with huh people issues??? That approach did not work out so well??? But that is another story but what did work ultimately and my point to you ... is I walked my dog!

You have a Boxer and a girl at that! And to late now but so you know the girls ... can be particular PIA's! That's just kinda how they are . :)

So I would ask ... simply do you "walk your dog daily???" Because if you don't do anything else need to be able to "Walk Your Dog.." Or as I tend to say a dog does not you to exercise but to go on a properly "Structured Walk," they need you, I like to keep it simple. So do you walk your dog/puppy and how does she behave on leash???. :