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Well we have been doing pretty good with the potty training as long as we put Sage out every 1/2 hour. The only problem is if we get busy she will just go on the floor wherever. When do they start to learn to let you know that they have to go out? Is there anything we should be doing in training her? Help I just don't want my carpet wrecked.

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Boxers are such quiet dogs that sometimes you have to train them to speak when they have to go out. In my case, I just got a doggie door. This was the best investment. More so now that I have two Boxers, they can come and go as they please. Good luck on the potty training.

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Clyde and Cricket ring a small bell that I have hanging by the back door. It was very easy to train them to do it. Had it down in less than 3 days! Clyde was about 2½ months, Cricket about 4 months.

To train them on it, I simply rang the bell every time we let them out for a potty break. After that, took their noses and nudged the bell with it. Then once they got the idea, I would not open the door til they rang the bell on their own.

I love it b/c it's a very clear signal that means only one thing. Not like a bark that can mean many things. And I can hear it anywhere in the house!

The funny part is you can tell how intense the request is (#1, #2) by how the bell is rung. Dingdingdingdingding... Sometimes it does drive us crazy, but the benefits outweigh that! Good luck.


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i highly recommend the bell!!! harley took to it in no time at all. however....he still had accidents off and on when he was smaller. i would just have had him outside it seemed...would turn my head for just a sec and bam! he'd go on the rug! grrrrr i was beside myself! but eventually he got the hang of it.
hopefully you have purchased a bottle of the neutralizer! it's a must.
i had some christmas bell decorations that hook on my door handle and sorta hang down. these work great! i would touch his nose to them on the way outside. in no time he was ringing the bell!
good luck!!!

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