Help! Paulie throws himself into the back door..

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...when he wants to come in. The door is half aluminum on the bottom and half glass on top. I've been bragging over the past few months about how great he has been but this is one thing we can't get him to stop doing. He literally throws himself at the door and then jumps up and down looking in. The door is only 2 years old from when we renovated and there is no way we will replace it. We took the screen and glass off of the bottom and put the aluminum panel back on the bottom for his safety. I can't correct him from outside because he never does it if we are out there. He's not outside too much but it makes such a frightful crash when he does run into it. He's ruining the siding on the house next to the door and it is really loud. He even does it if he's outside for only a few seconds..any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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My 3 ring a cowbell beside the door to come inside. Do a search on "bell training" at BW Search and you'll find tons of information.

Good luck.

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Same thing

My boxer Flexi actually does the same exact thing....she throws herself at the sliding glass door when she wants to come in!!! We never worried about it cause she doesn't ruin the door or anything when she does it...we were always more worried that she was going to hurt herself! As far as the bell training we were always thinking about doing that but have never tried. Our trainer told us that we could either get chimes or a simple bell to hang on the door and everytime you let your puppy out/in you use his/her paw to hit the bell and eventually they begin to realize if they want to go out/come in they need to hit the bell or chime. Our trainer recommended it to us at the time since we had a bi-level house and could never hear her scratching at the door when she wanted to go out if we were upstairs.

Good luck!


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OMG, Adam does this when he wants OUT! (we have a pull-down style handle and the door pushes in, so he lets himself IN!) Fortuntaly, he only does this when we ignore his woowoo's to go outside.
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