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We have a ten week old boxer puppy who seems to be quite the escape artist. Part of the time my husband is home during the week and part of the time he is gone out of town working. I am gone every day to work. My son usually gets home around 3:15 from school.'s my trouble. When we're all gone during the day I have attempted to keep Coco contained in the kitchen. I bought gates, she jumps them. I even tried doubling up the gates one on top of the other, she still somehow knocks them down and gets over them. I tried putting cardboard and plywood over them thinking she was climbing with her little toes, nope...peeked through the window and watched her jump right up on top and climb over. She doesn't tear too much up when she gets out but does some and knocks things off the tables and just gets into things she isn't supposed to. She doesn't mess on the floor, only uses newspaper when she has to go while inside. Today I tried backing the kitchen chairs up to the gates thinking she wouldn't attempt to jump with the visual higher than the gate on the other side. son just called, she still somehow got out and was making herself at home up in our room on the bed. She threw the pillows off the bed and decided to read all our magazines up there. Son said they were scattered everywhere. I don't know what else to do with her. I really don't want her having the whole house to herself when we're not there and I don't feel right shutting her in that kennal all day while we're gone and then all night while she sleeps. At night is fine but not all day too. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I can't think of any safe option other than a crate. You can get pretty large ones though and if you're not potty training anymore than its not important to keep them small.
It does stink having to lock them up - luckily we've got a fenced back yard, so when Ozric was a pup he just went outside when we were gone.
One the upside though it should be a puppy phase and you can look forward to allowing her free range in her adult life hopefully.


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I found that Home Depot and Lowe's sell pre-made panels that bolt together for kennels. the front panel has a gate in it. After looking at those, I called local fence companies, and found that some of those that sell chain link fence supplies also make kennels. I bought a 8' x 12' that is 6' high for about $400. It is free standing and can be moved around. Assembly was about 45 minutes. I did build a deck to put it on so mine is permanently attached, but I have heard of people that move these around their yard to prevent the grass from being destroyed in one spot.


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Thanks for the input - she is kennel trained, I just felt guilty having her in there all night and all day. So...what I've decided is we will give her the choice of sleeping with us, which we really would like anyway, and leaving the kennel door open in the bedroom where it goes everynight and she can go in there if she likes or stay on the bed (I have an inkling she'll pick the bed). That way I won't feel so guilty leaving her in there during the day. I also believe that is probably the best thing to do, especially after seeing you guys reinforce it. She doesn't mind being in it at all (It bothers me more than her). I think I will go invest in a large crate tho and keep the kennel for travel purposes only. The crates are more open and I won't feel like I'm putting her in puppy prison when I leave everyday. If you can't tell, she's a little spoiled to her mommy, I just luv her so much!


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I was about to suggest exactly what you are now planning - use the crate during the day but not at night. As you gets a little bigger, she can start causing a lot of trouble until she learns what's acceptable. The crate will keep you home safe, and more importantly, keep her safe from something that might hurt her. My brother has an escape artist, too. They couldn't figure out how she got out of every situation, so they set up the video to tape her. She just climbed right over any gates they tried!

You should consider giving agility a try when she gets older - it sounds like she might be a natural! :)


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I have to agree with what's been said about crate training. It's much much safer than leaving them out unsupervised where they can do damage to the house and more importantly to themselves.

One other thing that I'd like to add though is if you do decide to crate during the day, make sure that your puppy does not have it's collar on. There have been some tragic stories of puppies who were strangled as their collar got hooked on a part of the crate.

- Mandy


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Another alternative would be an exercise pen and you can get them with roofs so that they can't climb out. It would give her more room, but not total freedom of the house.

Good luck!


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Ohhh We had that as well with Simba the best thing i had every spend money on was a Bench (crate) They call em Benchs here but It cost some lot but will worth my money, This way when we go now I know deep down that she can not get into stuff where as before it was a 10 mins fast trip to where i needed to go because i knew she would tear everything up.When we first got her bench she potty in it one time only and she was alittle puppy and she tryed to get away from it biting the bech sides and all and she got hung in the side of it (Was fine, made a mad trip to the vet they really like us here) But she learned, She barked at first But then she stopped we went out last night when we came home she was barking, But when she barks in there she spits and drools all over the fish tank and floor but its not like that now. She growned up now. If I was you id invest in a bench that way you as well have peice of mind she is not into anything. Nor parting fiestaicon while Mom and dad is gone hahahahahah:LOL::LOL:
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