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Boxer Buddy
Hello everyone! I have been reading the posts on this board for a while now and have decided to join in.

I don't have a boxer but I am interested in the breed and look forward to asking questions and learning lots more! (I have already learned a lot from this board) :)

I am originally from Ontario, Canada (hence my username) and will be in Ohio for at least a couple more years until I finish my education.

I enjoy this board and everyone on it seems very helpful and kind.

See you in the other forums!


Boxer Pal
Hello fellow Canuck. I just joined this site two days ago myself. My husband and I live in Ontario, Canada which I noticed in your introduction is your roots as well. We have a 7 year old boxer and we just love him to death. I hope you are enjoying your time in Ohio. Have a good day eh!

Buddy's mom
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