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I didn't complete my first intro properly, but here goes; My name is Shannon, and I am married with 2 daughters. We have recently added to what my husband has dubbed 'The Petting Zoo' with Precious, a 12 week old fawn Boxer. Our daughters have an iguana, 2 hamsters, and a fish named Jaws. We recently lost our cat, he chose the neighbors house over ours, and only visits occasionally. I am madly in love with this puppy, and excited to meet other Boxer owners!


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Hi Shannon, welcome to the board! Is the fish named Jaws a goldfish? There are several members here who own iguanas too, I am not sure about hamsters owners here :)




hello i am new too and just wanted to say hi !!! i am also married with no kids just my doggie ! i hope to maybe exchange info with you someday !!


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Welcome to the boards. This is a great place for friends, fun and information. I'm sure you'll feel right at home here in no time.

We look forward to hearing more about you and your new boxer. We love pictures too :)

Again, welcome.
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