Hello - seeking understanding for new rescue in Gainesville, Fl.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Elisa and I just recently adopted my first Boxer from Florida Boxer Rescue here in Gainesville, Fl.

He is a very handsome 1- 1.5 year old fawn male who is very well behaved. He showed up at the shelter emaciated, bald, mange with heartworms, neglected and abused. He has had about 2 months to recover at the shelter and has been with me now since Friday. All known health problems have been treated and he is up to 63 pounds.

I'd love any suggestions you all might have about the following:

1. How can I get him to not be afraid of toys or other objects in my hand? He doesn't understand the concept of play! He knows how to play fight (and bite pretty hard :eek: ) - but he doesn't know how to chase a ball or play tug of war - nothing! He cowers a lot :(

2. Sometimes when I just come in to the house or allow him back into the room that I am in - he'll bark and growl at me while wagging his tail - what does that mean? Does he want to play - or does he not recognize me? Or is he mad that I left? or what? :eek:

3. How do I get him to learn "Good boy!" or even his name faster? He has no concept of either of these.

4. He has terrible gas sometimes - I have him on a high quality food and he eats about 5 cups a day - but he really does stink up the place sometimes!!! Is there anything I can do or buy that would help? :o

5. I thought that boxers were really high energy dogs...so why does mine not like to play? or do anything fun? Obviously b/c he was neglected - but how can I get him to play - I feel like I have tried everything! I so much want him to want to play fetch and play tug of war - or just to some how have fun! :confused:

6. Seems like whenever he does get the slightest bit excited that he sneezes and chokes a lot (to the point that he can not do anything else and almost vomits on the floor) - what is that? Is that normal? Is there something wrong with him? The vets say he has a clean bill of health! :confused:

Please help me to understand!!! I would really appreciate it!!!
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First of all I know a lady who adopted a boxer around the same age as yours, it took Duke a few months to learn to play. Just spend as much time as you can with him. for the gas give him a table spoon of plain yogurt.Try not to overwhelm him with too many toys. I KNOW people with a lot more experience than me will help you out. Welcom to the board and Imso happy that you rescued this boy.

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Cindy your wish is my command. I shall move this to the Boxer Ring.

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