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Hi! I am new to this board & thought I would introduce myself. My hubbie & I adopted a beautiful, brindle boy about 3 m ago. His name is Chance & he is about 18 m old. When we 1st talked about getting a dog, hubbie was &%!! bent on getting a Boxer (I knew nothing about them). After several heated discussions, I gave in & (with my tail b/w my legs) must admit this was one of the BEST decision we have made. He is AWSOME and has brought such joy to us!! Can't believe someone dumped him. Anyway, this is our first dog and I am full of questions so I look foward to getting advise from you all. Thanks!!
Welcome aboard, Im sure you will enjoy being here. I just came back after being gone for a month so I could move. The withdrawals were horrible, heehee.

Cindy Corl
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Hi Andie I;m a new user also. I just wanted to say that I have a 10wk. old female Ellie and she is the smartest puppy I've ever had. i've had a cocker lab german sheperd and doxie but Ellie has them all beat.I hope she continues this way!!!
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