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I've been lurking around on the site for a few weeks now, and decided it was time to say hello. My name is Jeff and my wife's is Laura. We are the proud parents of our 11 week old fawn boxer we named Jax. He has brought on a big, and much needed, change in our lives. We look foward to many happy years with him.

Also, We got to meet some of the folks from the Missouri Kansas Boxer Rescue group this afternoon. I think the work the rescue groups do, can never really be appreciated enough. After meeting them, we have decided that as soon as we get Jax thru the puppy stage (crate trained and house trained), we will get him a playmate through one of the rescue groups. And if my wife will let me, I hope to volunteer our time and home as foster parents in the future.

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Hi and welcome to BW. This is the best place to learn and share. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more about Jax. Wiggles from Kilbane.


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Hello and welcome to all of you. Your little Jax is adorable and we look forward to hearing more about all of you. You will really enjoy this site. I joined last August before I got my Haley and they have been so very helpful.


Greetings! You will find lots of useful information as well as friends here. You may want to check out the rescue/adoption forums...just a heads up though,only the rescues approved by BoxerWorld can be discussed here.
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