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I have just discovered this site and this club so I'm thrilled to be able to register. My husband and I own one boxer at the moment. His name is Wally and of course we think he's the most handsome dog! We just lost his old friend Molly the labrador who was 14. We are looking to buy a baby boxer to be a sister for Wally. Thanks go to whoever made this wonderful site!


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Welcome. I think you'll find this site to be incredibly helpful and friendly. Lots of good links here and information about rescue. Perhaps you could rescue a boxer friend for Wally. Good luck and keep us posted on you and your Wally.

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Welcome Denise!

I, too, lost my wonderful labrador not long ago. She would have been 14. When she passed, I was so heartbroken I said I never wanted to get another dog, because I didn't think that I could stand the thought of losing one again.

BUT, my husband had never had a puppy or a dog of his own, and when we bought our house in the fall (complete with a nice fenced yard) he semi-secretly started doing lots of research on breeds and searching the classified ads. He took me to see a litter of boxer pups and we both fell in love with our new Riley.

We are finding that every day is a wonderful new adventure with him. He has brought such joy into our lives, and we're even thinking of getting him another boxer sibling in the spring or summer!

I look forward to sharing many, many days with this beautiful baby boy! And I, too, am positively hooked on this website and the forums here -- great people and great advice on a truly remarkable breed of pup!

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Welcome, Denise! I love this site too. I can always count on good advice from people who've "been there". Looking foward to hearing stories about your Wally on the boxer ring forum. Welcome aboard.

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