Hello from sunny South Africa

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Boxer Pal
I am the very very proud owner of 'n Boxer by the name of Bullet. He is 8 years old now and he is my best friend ever, and my shadow. I am new at Boxerworld and very glad I joined. Lootiy


Boxer Pal
Sunny vs Snow

How does your boxer deal with the heat? While living in Georgia for just 18 months prior to moving back to Europe, Alexandria really dislike the heat. She was born in Dublin, Georgia. According to the Georgians, it was really a very mild summer! We even had almost 10 inches of rain that year and they had been in a drought prior to that for almost 5 years prior.
What part of South Africa are you at? Local native/civilian or with the services?

Genni V

Boxer Pal
Hello from a fellow South African

Hi There,

Nice meet another South African on BW. Where about in SA do you live?
I have 4 Boxers at the moment, 2 brindle females, 1 fawn female and
an brindle male that I imported from Germany in August 2002. Great
to meet you.

Genni V
Apollo Boxers
Benoni South Africa


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Welcome to BW,

Lots of fun and valuable information to be found here.

I would enjoy a little of your sunny weather right now. It is winter here and although we don't get much snow, I am tired of the cold. :D
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